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Connoisseurus Rex

Have a Sim reach max level in the Gourmet Cooking skill.

Connoisseurus Rex-0.2
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12 Nov 2017
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There are 10 levels in this skill. The Gourmet cooking skill is similar to the cooking skill but you make facincer food this time. In order to make the food, your normal cooking skill needs to be level 5. Or you could read the gourmet cooking skill books but I believe you won't be able to make any of the food. Just like the normal cooking skill, the lot trait Homey gives your sim a +50% skill gain increase.

To start you need to get an over, fridge, and a counter or just buy the gourmet cooking skill books from a bookshelf.

I found this easy to get along with the normal cooking skill. I had my sim just join the chef career and work their way up to the top. You won't get any extra skill gain for this while watching tv, so the best way is to bake your way to the top.
FortiesNBluntsThe achievements seems to be partially broken for this game, or not unlocking for everyone anyway. I have gotten several skills to level 10, only for the achievements to not unlock. The latest to not pop is this one for the gourmet cooking skill being raised to level 10. Anyone know any information on forcing these to pop, or are we stuck waiting on a patch?

I read that one guy got some of his stuck achievements to pop by creating an 8 sim family, which made the "Full house" achievement, plus his others to pop that hadn't yet. I did this, and got the "Full House" and "Games Within games" (lvl 10 gamer) skill to unlock, but my gourmet still remains locked.

Help anyone?
Posted by FortiesNBlunts on 26 Nov 17 at 17:49
LymissI am not sure what to tell you FortiesNBlunts, some of the achievements are just not working for everyone. When I got this, I only had two sims in the house, the founder that I made and a random sim that I had move in. This game seems like it has a lot of issue with it. Hopefully EA will patch it soon enough.
Posted by Lymiss on 26 Nov 17 at 18:20
EklebtikThis achievement didn't unlock for me also, everything else is unlocking just not this. I tried different sims 4 times, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but this achievement will not unlock. I also called EA and they told me they are investigating the issue, i recommend calling them also and complaining. I sent photo's of me completing the requisites and a picture of the achievement still locked. Poor customer service like usual.
Posted by Eklebtik on 30 Nov 17 at 19:56