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The Interceptor

Get 20 Killstreaks with Interceptor ships.

The Interceptor0
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Adam Ace KazmirAdam Ace Kazmir278,459
13 Nov 2017 13 Nov 2017
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This achievement is pretty straightforward. You must get 20 killstreaks while flying interceptors. You can do this in Starfighter Assault or Galactic Assault.

You get killstreak every time you shot down at least two enemy starfighters in one life (kills of both player and AI spacecrafts count, and I guess kills of ground troops do too, assists, on the other hand, do not). Next kill in said life is counted as another killstreak. That means you can get The Interceptor achievement as soon as your 21st kill. But there is no need for you to get all the kills in one sitting.

I was able to get the achievement in just one round of Starfighter Assault as the defender on Ryloth/Lucrehulk map (32 eliminations/23 kills). During the first phase stay between battleship arms near shield generators and shoot down every bomber you see and every fighter that is preoccupied with shield generators and doesn't pay enough attention to the opposition.

It's my first guide. Please let me know if there is something that needs to be corrected. And sorry for poor grammar and any grammatical errors. Happy hunting!
zamacgod303I dont think ai count
Posted by zamacgod303 on 27 Nov 17 at 11:17
Adam Ace Kazmirzamacgod303> Hi, thanks for comment. I'm pretty sure they do or at least did count. I'm positive that I shot down at least five AI Y-wings (on Ryloth map they always come in waves of threes, in perfect triangle formations and are marked as objectives for defenders, their names are uniform AI names). And they were counted in my total of 23 kills.
Patch 1.3 "fixed an issue in Starfighter Assault where killstreaks would not calculate correctly". It's entirely possible, it wasn't meant for AI kills to be counted in and that they disabled it. (It was reported that some players were exploiting AI kills on certain maps in Galactic Assault, mainly on Kashyyyk.)
Can someone, please, confirm, that AI kills no longer count?
Posted by Adam Ace Kazmir on 27 Nov 17 at 19:28
LimitableDjayI played a few rounds of starfighter assault today and I got killstreaks In the interceptor on AI ships
Posted by LimitableDjay on 17 Dec 17 at 19:37
Adam Ace KazmirLimitableDjay> Thanks for confirmation.
Posted by Adam Ace Kazmir on 18 Dec 17 at 08:01
LimitableDjayAdam Ace Kazmir > no problem wave
Posted by LimitableDjay on 18 Dec 17 at 17:40
BobbyChezAI kills do count, however, the killstreaks no longer stack. In other words, killing 2 opponents is one killstreak, killing a third opponent is still that same killstreak. So a killstreak is just a killstreak no matter how many kills you get during it. It could be 2 or it could be 17.
Posted by BobbyChez on 02 Feb 18 at 07:43
x SNAKE5 xI don't know if DICE have changed it again, but the kill streaks do stack. I unlocked the achievement just the other day and it was after getting the third kill in a particular streak.
Posted by x SNAKE5 x on 26 Apr 18 at 08:21