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A Dominating Presence

In multiplayer, boost 100 allies with the Officer commands.

A Dominating Presence0
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Saint XaphanSaint Xaphan696,180
14 Nov 2017 22 Nov 2017
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For starters, you are going to need to be playing the officer class. Officers special ability is battle command which depending on how it is customized by players can boost health, abilities, or cooldown. I highly recommend purchasing the improved battle command in the collection section of the menu for 40 crafting parts. This upgrade makes a huge difference in a number of people you are able to boost at once as it increases the area of effect. This will take some grinding but not more than some of the other class-based achievements.

Note you can only boost allies in front of you in a limited range, on the battle command icon it will indicate how many people you will boost icon when activated try for threes and better.

Use battle command cn_LB+cn_RB

Update: I have been informed that the number of people boosted doesn't matter only using the number of times the ability was used to boost 1 or more people. So just having one person in the range and using the ability a total of 100 times will award this achievement. Playing the officer class you should be able to squeeze out at least 10 per match of galactic assault.
Fellipe B TI recommend doing it specially at the start of games, since all your allies will spawn together you can get 6-7 people at once.
Posted by Fellipe B T on 22 Nov 17 at 16:19
ToniTone 808This can be done in co-op for those wondering
Posted by ToniTone 808 on 09 Nov 19 at 20:44
jojoborneI played it on Co-op with a level 1 Officer and no boost cards attached. I was not looking forward to it as I had never played with the officer. However, I found it to be one of the easiest achievements in the game. I played my first game and hit 39 straight away. Then 52 on my second game. So 91 in two games. I then joined a game which had almost finished and got 6 to make 97 and then got the remaining 3 on my fourth game. Took me about half an hour and I'm an average player. As Felipe B said it's a good idea to activate it straight away as you spawn as there are lots of teammates around you. After I got 39 in the first game I figured I would activate it at the start on game 2, get killed and then respawn as it instantly refreshes for you to use again straight away. Then get killed again and rinse and repeat. It really is quite easy. Just go for the achievement and keep getting killed to refresh the ability. It's quicker than waiting for it to recharge.
Posted by jojoborne on 07 Aug 20 at 23:31
zeldafanjtlIt's definitely 100 allies boosted, not 100 instances of using the ability. I try to get 3-4 each time I use it, and my progress goes up by that percentage each time.
Posted by zeldafanjtl on 19 Jul at 08:57