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My, You've Changed!

Have a Sim become both max thin and fat within a lifetime.

My, You've Changed!-0.3
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15 Nov 2017 16 Nov 2017
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There's a very simple, and time-saving way to do this achievement ... but you need to knock out some whims first (the thought bubbles above your Sim's head in the bottom right).

Once you clear a few and have 1500 Aspiration Points, you're set.

With your points in hand, go to the Aspiration Tag at the bottom right (the hexagonal box with a gold icon inside), click it and locate the Present icon in the box that appears. This is the Rewards Store: Click this, and you'll find a list of potions and extra traits.

In these potions, you can find Insta-Large and Insta-Lean. They cost 750 points each. Buy both, pop into your inventory (the box icon also located in the bottom right corner) and drink both potions. Once your Sim downs the drinks, the achievement will pop.

Dibbs93Awesome was about to test this and then post a solution if it worked but my trial ran out and you beat me to it +1
Posted by Dibbs93 on 15 Nov 17 at 23:22
Rogue xx Angeldance
Posted by Rogue xx Angel on 04 Dec 17 at 15:32
eHeadI only neeethe insta slim because I was a fst fuck
Posted by eHead on 07 Dec 17 at 09:51
o0EviIToaster0oLOL @eHead
Posted by o0EviIToaster0o on 21 Dec 17 at 18:13
YKKBabyI have done this twice - once with two different Sims - and it didn't pop either time. Is there a specific time the Sim has to be fat or thin before drinking the other?
Posted by YKKBaby on 09 Jan 18 at 21:38
Skaos3010YKKBaby, I just did them one after the other, and it popped. I don't think the time matters.
Posted by Skaos3010 on 09 Jan 18 at 22:22
ZoZombifyThis worked perfectly! Thank you.
Posted by ZoZombify on 25 Jan 18 at 13:41
SoulyTheDudeMake sure to save a back up before doing this If you don't wanna waste your points or care too much about your sim's current shape. get the achievement and load the game back.
Posted by SoulyTheDude on 14 Oct 19 at 16:48