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Have a Sim get in and out of all primary emotional states within 24 Sim hours.

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16 Nov 2017
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This one can be a bit daunting at first, but with some preparation and some advanced sims, it gets easier. The real key here is using as many tools as possible that only set emotions when on.

The "primary emotional states" are as follows, along with the way and order in which I toggled them so that they were gone quickly enough:

Fine - Wake up after sleeping to clear out other emotions in a room with nothing inside (and no negative moodlets from neglected needs)
Happy - Any "decor" without any other moodlets
Confident - Emotion painting
Playful - Emotion painting
Flirty - Emotion painting
Angry - Emotion painting
Sad - Emotion painting
Focused - Math diagram painting
Inspired - Framed Book object
Tense - Low "Fun" need (can easily be gotten by choosing to work hard at work, too, but then you've got to go to work, which eats up time)
Uncomfortable - Low "Bladder" need (should also work with Hunger, Energy, or Hygiene)
Bored - Use same conversation option three times in a row
Embarrassed - Get rejected for a romantic conversation option
Energized - Drink coffee
Dazed - Drink more coffee
Asleep - Go to sleep. Yep. You need to do this. I actually had to do it at the start and end of the set of emotions.

And now, more detail for those who are interested:

Secondary emotional states are the "very" versions of these, and they appear to count just the same as the primaries. (For example, if you skipped straight to "Very Playful", it appears to count the same as "Playful".)

If you're not already familiar with sims' emotional states, you can find them in the lower left of the screen and you'll often have multiples at once. For an emotional state to count in this list, it has to be the active emotional state; in other words, the one with the highest count, and which you currently see the words for. So if you've got Happy+1 and Tense+2 and Flirty+2, but you only see Flirty displayed, that only counts as "Flirty".

Because of this, the best way to get through all of the emotional states in one 24 hour period is to use tools with emotional states embedded into them so that you can turn them on and off again. The best way that I've found to do this is with paintings, when possible, or with rewards from other skills and jobs.

I'm going to detail how I got this one, but there are many other ways to pick up individual emotions. Many of them can be enabled in other ways, like taking a steamy shower for Flirty, but then you've got that emotion on you for hours of game time, and some can be tough to shake off. If you haven't seen Carl's Sims Guide, I very strongly recommend it. It has a big list of emotional states and details many of the other ways to get into other emotional states.

A caution about potions: You can purchase emotion potions with aspiration points for some of the emotions, but they tend to stick around for quite a while. If you're going to go this route, try to make sure you don't use the potion until it's one of the last so you don't get stuck with that emotion longer than you want it.

What I did first was to get the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration. Painting's relatively easy to level compared to some of the other skills, and can be very profitable, which makes it appealing. If you get your sim feeling Confident, Playful, Flirty, Angry, or Sad, you can make a painting that, when enabled, will cause that aura to come out of it. If you've got the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration reward, you can paint all five of those even if your sim isn't feeling that way. (Also, if you have someone who's also got a bit of Logic and is Focused, you can paint a mathematical diagram for that.)

So of the 16 emotional states, painting can get you 6 of them that you can toggle on and off. Two more - Asleep and Fine - just happen naturally under the right circumstances.

Once I had all of the paintings and other goodies, I built a private room in my house with nothing but those items, so that there wouldn't be any other emotions. The house had some "decor" items, but I had my sim sleep in a bed in a room with nothing else inside. I made sure that all basic needs EXCEPT Fun were well satisfied.

I then sent my sim to bed and slept until all emotions were gone. On waking, my sim was "Fine", so I walked him into the next room where I had some pretty decor to get "Happy".

From there, I took him up to the room with the stuff. I toggled the emotional state by selecting each of the paintings to turn it on, waited for my sim to change emotions, then turned the emotional state for that painting back off. That took care of Confident, Playful, Flirty, Angry, Sad, and Focused. I then did the same with the Framed Book from the Writer career to get Inspired.

By luck, as soon as I turned that one off, my "Fun" was low enough that my sim just slipped into Tense, so I went and watched TV for a bit to get it back up. Doing that lowered Bladder enough for Uncomfortable. After that, I went inside and brewed some coffee and drank it for Energized... and then drank again for Dazed.

I then found another random Sim and immediately repeated the "Get to Know" social option three times to get Bored, and then tried to "Hold Hands" with a stranger. Upon getting rejected, Embarrassed took over (since it was higher). Interestingly, I then had to go back to sleep again. As soon as I got Asleep for the second time, the cheevo dinged.

Lots of text, but I hope that helps folks who are struggling to get to the bottom of this one!
AerryneThank you ! I had many troubles with this achievement but got it easily with your guide !
Posted by Aerryne on 16 Nov 17 at 09:50
Brave CypherJust Noting down Some of the more Troubling Emotions

Fine - Usually happens when all moods are Satisfied in an empty room.
Confident - Brush Teeth at Sink
Focused - Read Simpedia from the Web
Inspired - Browse Art on the Web
Happy - I found that using Plants with Environment +1 or Higher Counts.
Tense - Depleted Fun Meter
Embarrassed - Flirt with a Stranger of the Opposite Sex. so if you're male then Flirt with Female.

Animal Hats from the [Awesome Animal Hats Pack] Also have Moodlets on them put them on using the Mirror and Plan Outfit Each Animal Has a different Emotion

Click on Head> Hats> Brimless

Playful - Tiger
Angry - Bear
Dazed - Clueless Bear
Energized - Owl
Flirty - Cow
Inspired - Chicken
Sad - Panda

Do these when your fun is about 50-60% Depleted so you can get them all within 24 hours.
Posted by Brave Cypher on 19 Nov 17 at 06:12
Okin E MagusIf you're having trouble with Embarrassed another easy way is to walk into a bathroom with someone taking a shower or using the toilet, that or waiting till you wet yourself if you drink over and over. The whole flirting with a stranger of the opposite sex wasn't working out all that well.
Posted by Okin E Magus on 12 Dec 17 at 21:00
risselessYou can also use postcards for Inspired, since they are easier to get than the framed book.
Posted by risseless on 20 Dec 17 at 06:57
Im Papa JustifySo gwtting the sim out of that mood eg sad or angry do i have to use rhe mirror and make that moodlet disappear comepletely? Attenptes this 3 times and feel i habe done whats needed but still no unlock?
Posted by Im Papa Justify on 13 Mar 18 at 03:11
TuKraZeI cannot get this achievement to unlock. I have followed the steps exactly as you have described and it just refuses to unlock. I even listed all the emotions on a Word document and marked them off as I got them including the time I started. I have successfully done this 4 times now and no achievement :/

EDIT: This achievement finally popped randomly whilst playing the game for other achievements. This has happened on more than one occasion with this game, so the achievements are clearly buggy as hell.
Posted by TuKraZe on 17 Apr 18 at 09:41
RandomnuttaYou gotta be bonkers to vote negatively on this guide!
Posted by Randomnutta on 15 Sep 18 at 15:11
A Big RadroachDone this a few times now and it still doesn't seem to be unlocking.
For the achievement. Do you need to physically see all emotional states and poses in the bottom left or is it perfectly acceptable to have ten stacked one by one?
So going from Angry status and pose to Confident and so on or can I view all emotion paintings and have several emotions stacked in the line?
Posted by A Big Radroach on 10 Jan 19 at 22:51
MalkorisYou've got to actually go through the emotion; so it has to be the prominent one for some period of time. If you have 2 Confident and 1 Angry and then Angry fades before the Confident do, it won't count the Angry.
Posted by Malkoris on 11 Jan 19 at 22:24
A Big RadroachGot it!

This video helped a lot but the guide is exactly what you need.
Thumbs up from me.
Posted by A Big Radroach on 30 Jan 19 at 13:38
A BatwomanDoes this mean all emotions have to stay on your Sim. Some expire in 2 hours.

Does the reset timer for 24 hrs at 12 am Sims time or when you start it?

Having trouble with Fine I think I use to get it going fishing a lot of times.
Posted by A Batwoman on 12 Mar 19 at 22:27
MalkorisThe emotions don't have to stay, but they do have to be dominant; just because it's on the sim doesn't matter if it's not the active, visible emotion. As far as I can tell, the timer is a sliding window. For example, if you get "Playful", then 20 hours later get "Angry", in 4 hours you will no longer count as having "Playful", but will still be counted for "Angry" for another 20.
Posted by Malkoris on 13 Mar 19 at 00:16
A BatwomanI got it thank you.

This video helped me I think I was overthinking it had all the stuff I needed. Being a painter helps a lot only took 10 mins.
Posted by A Batwoman on 13 Mar 19 at 05:35
SoulyTheDudeIf you can't get tense and embarrassed after you met the requirements make sure your sim doesn't have the traits "Shameless" and "Carefree"
Posted by SoulyTheDude on 17 Oct 19 at 16:56
LoonieleeEasy way to get tense if you have a high fun meter is to get someone to practice a violin in the same room for the first time. You will immediately get tense and if you then immediately stop them playing, the mood will go away.
Posted by Loonielee on 18 Nov 19 at 14:28
LittleRed961Another easy way to get tense if you have a high fun meter is to read a book that is at a higher skill level than your sim! Takes about 15 sims minutes!
Posted by LittleRed961 on 17 Mar 21 at 22:25
BenderWinLoved the info! This was my little routine that took 10 Sim-hours to get the achievement. For some reason I thought this was going to be a lot more difficult, but it definitely paid to just leave this one as one of the last achievements to get since at this point I've unlocked everything while maxing skills. Here's in case anyone got stuck:

- I started by moving a Sim into my current family/lot. [Note: This sim was made while trying to get the 26 generations achievement; they weren't random & I knew their traits (Geek, cheerful, self-assured, quick learner)]. They arrived with a "Fine" mood.
- I did the 6 paintings and the framed book, enabling and disabling as soon as the moods popped up (Confident, Playful, Flirty, Angry, Sad, Focused, Inspired).
- I went into a designated coffee room in my house and kept drinking for Energized and Dazed (Don't bother with Objects that give off the Energy aura, drinking the coffee was the only way to get to dazed anyways)
- I then travelled to the gym (dazed was the current mood). I repeated self-deprecating joke 3x and then flirted with a stranger to get the Bored and Embarrassed moods.
- I travelled back home and waited until the Sim got Uncomfortable and went to the bathroom.
- I started reading Level 3 skill books 4x which caused Tense.
- I had my sim play some video games and then take a shower before going back to my bedroom where I didn't feel like waiting for the Happy mood so I bought the potion for 200 rewards LOL (But if you don't want to buy a potion, just make sure your room is decorated and it will cause the Happy moodlet).

BEFORE I took the Happy Potion, it took me about 10 Sim-hours to complete 15/16 moods (starting from 10am and ending at 10:22pm)
Posted by BenderWin on 07 Apr 21 at 19:19
itsa pumaaDo you have to get out of one mood before you enter the next mood for this to work?
Posted by itsa pumaa on 11 Jul at 23:19