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Finish a level without changing any vehicle addons in Single Player mode

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16 Nov 2017 10 Aug 2019
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As decription says you can't change any addon on any vehicle on map, including your starting ones.
In easy mode, try this on 1st map, The Bog as there is many random respawning trucks close to your starting garage, you have to find any with addon able to carry small or medium logs (if there isn't any restart map till you get one, you have to scout south and west portion of map to find out if they have appropiate addons) and go to warehouse using south & west part of map, refueling along the way at gas station.
vzr326I can see the vehicle add-ons on the map when the cursor hover over the locked vehicles. So, can discover without driving.
I got two C type vehicles with medium log capability near the Log Station in the NW corner.
Posted by vzr326 on 10 Aug 19 at 10:19
RallyForLifeI can confirm that any stupidity canceled the achievement, I did this 2 times and he didn't give it to me, all for putting up tire parts.
Posted by RallyForLife#742 on 26 Jun 20 at 22:41
DDM Driv3Yeah, I managed to get a C4320 and a C255 both with medium log attachments so I loaded them up in the NW corner, winched them together and drove back. Took about 30 mins play time, got those trucks on my 3rd restart.

It's obviously possible if you just have a truck with a small log attachment but it will take longer. Don't be afraid to restart to attempt to spawn better trucks!!
Posted by DDM Driv3 on 16 Oct 20 at 09:57