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Kick a 60+ yard Field Goal (no OTP)

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Deranged AsylumDeranged Asylum510,010
12 Sep 2010
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Ok the way I got this achievement was to first go to the settings then special teams then push both Field Goal options up to 100 then set the difficulty at rookie, I got the achievement at my first attempt teams I played as the Saints against the Rams..

Get possesion of the ball run it to the 43 yard line I just ran out of bounds and it didnt affect my kick but getting taken out in the middle I guess makes things slightly easier.
Select Special Teams from the play menu then Field Goal I was at 63 yards when I attempted it.
Lower the kick bar and begin the kick I got mine to about 96% power and was even off a little on the accuracy but it sailed over by about half a foot.

I dont think teams matter as long as you have the Field Goal power and Accuracy up to 100