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17 Nov 2017 19 Nov 2017
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The fastest farm method so far is the mission Roboresurrection (in the way to Cauthess Depot).

You can get around 1.200 xp and 6.100 kW for each time you complete it, it takes about 3 to 5 min approx.

• Equip the lightning katana upgraded. (since the robots are weak against lightning)
• Only focus the two giant robots for fastest completition. (this will cause to gain less xp)
• Equip some bullet protection to your character if you are getting in trouble to complete the mission.
• Aim for the legs and try to counter when they attemp to stomp you.
• Aim for chains attacks. (blue stance when parry)

You will get around 100k kW in about two hours of farm.

Thank you to Silver Mitsuki to confirm the kW are in total earnings. That said, feel free to spend them

The achievement pop when you are in the power map interface, so visit the map with frecuency when you think you're close to 1M of kW.
SiegfriedXI'm guessing you have to spend the power right? Any way to know how much you have already spent? Not knowing this is driving me crazy! shock
Posted by SiegfriedX on 17 Nov 17 at 02:46
MerlinatedI'm pretty sure even if you completely unlock the map you still haven't spent enough power to unlock the achievement (probably because the map isn't finished yet), whether the output carries to new game + I don't know. Also the achievement states 'amass an output' I'm not even sure having power banked will work.
Posted by Merlinated on 17 Nov 17 at 10:55
WhiterValkyrieA guy on the playstation site said that he have the map completly unlocked + 200 000 kW and still no cheevo !
Posted by WhiterValkyrie on 17 Nov 17 at 11:04
MerlinatedBased on the achievement description I would assume you have to spend 999,999kw not have it in your inventory, could be wrong though. Considering there's not enough nodes on the map to spend that much the only other thing I can think of is new game + and hope it carries the amount spent over, but I cant find any type of statistic that shows how much you have spent.
Posted by Merlinated on 17 Nov 17 at 11:23
WhiterValkyrieI really hope this is cumulative !
Posted by WhiterValkyrie on 17 Nov 17 at 11:39
SiegfriedXDamn. Guess I'll get the 50g achievement and wait on an answer to this. I don't like this mode enough to create a new character or go to NG+ without being sure of what is required.
Posted by SiegfriedX on 17 Nov 17 at 12:00
EnlunaI think its accomulative too. so far I have 700k farmed, so in the next days I will know if it is stack or spend.
Posted by Enluna on 17 Nov 17 at 13:47
SiegfriedXYou have 700k stored + what you spent while playing? So, you're pretty much abouve 999.999 total and it's confirmed it's not cumulative. cry
Posted by SiegfriedX on 17 Nov 17 at 14:17
Senseless OgreDefinitely the fastest way I found to grind so far. So easy you can hold B and afk as you grind, although you might attack the ice daemons first. I also noticed that on the map there are mining spots that give you free KW so you can get around 30-50k if you didn't use them up.
Posted by Senseless Ogre on 17 Nov 17 at 15:02
WhiterValkyrieCould someone post a pic of the map with all the path unlocked ? I don't know wich way to go to 4th objective ! Thanks
Posted by WhiterValkyrie on 17 Nov 17 at 15:39
SiegfriedXI had some trouble with this as well. You want to do the Griffiin quest to unlock a path to the right side that will then be straight forward to get to the bottom camp.
Posted by SiegfriedX on 17 Nov 17 at 15:56
MerlinatedLike I said, i think the kw need to be spent on the map, i thought maybe you could spread it through multiple characters as you can make 8 of them but they share everything so its pointless. More than likely its cumulative in new game + or when you reach 999,999kw in savings, we'll find out when somebody reaches it.
Posted by Merlinated on 17 Nov 17 at 16:48
SiegfriedXI'm also guessing it has to be spent because of the description: output means how much the facility is generating in total and not what you have. I'm also guessing NG+ will not help. The answer now might be that this achievement cannot be earned until they put more of the map in the game (there are several powers that we can't get and one more outpost that we can't reach).

Unless there's some hidden way to unlock more power lines that nobody saw yet, we might have to wait for an update.

Is there any comment from Square Enix if there are plans for Comrades to receive updates with more content?
Posted by SiegfriedX on 17 Nov 17 at 17:09
Senseless OgreDo we have a total count of the map KW yet? I imagine theres at least 500k.
Posted by Senseless Ogre on 17 Nov 17 at 17:31
Merlinated@ luna go sky cheers mate, hopefully it unlocks. Have a horrible feeling we may need to wait for more content to be added to be able to unlock this, which would be a first.
Posted by Merlinated on 17 Nov 17 at 17:55
WhiterValkyrieFingers crossed ! Don't want to wait more crap !
Posted by WhiterValkyrie on 17 Nov 17 at 18:01
Silver Mitsukijust got it, is in total, so you're free to spend all you want
Posted by Silver Mitsuki on 17 Nov 17 at 18:53
WhiterValkyrieHow many kW did you have when the cheevo poped ? Did have unlocked all the map ? Thanks
Posted by WhiterValkyrie on 17 Nov 17 at 19:09
MerlinatedCheers silver mitsuki for the info, congrats on unlocking it!
Posted by Merlinated on 17 Nov 17 at 19:40
Senseless OgreAwesome. Have everything unlocked + 200k extra so hopefully im getting close.
Posted by Senseless Ogre on 17 Nov 17 at 19:51
Senseless OgreSo some extra questions I have. How do you unlock the following:
-Familiar faces
-Access to Norduscaen Garrison
-And the remaining sigils other than the ones you get from filling out the map and beating Bahamut. Im still missing like 5
Posted by Senseless Ogre on 17 Nov 17 at 22:02
GhostMaker mk3I have nothing against grinding but holy crap all these loading screens are killing me.
Posted by GhostMaker mk3 on 17 Nov 17 at 22:38
MerlinatedYep sure I've spent half my time in loading screens in this dlc.
Posted by Merlinated on 17 Nov 17 at 23:32
SiegfriedXNice. Too bad there's no way to know how much I need. If anyone with a full map can post how much they had in the end that would be awesome.
Posted by SiegfriedX on 18 Nov 17 at 00:09
Silver MitsukiDidn't unlock the whole map and had about 800k with me
EDIT: Just for the books, when I got the achievement I was very close on having everything unlocked. Unique quests were all cleared (I don't like people to think that I sprint my way to the end skipping everything).
EDIT2: Wow, I just noticed that after an edit your comment goes down, as these are ordered by date <.<
Posted by Silver Mitsuki on 18 Nov 17 at 03:28
WhiterValkyrie@SiegfriedX ==> playing

Luna go sky ==> you can use that in the guide if you want ! I'll update when i'll have the cheevo with the exact amount of kW needed + full map unlocked !
Posted by WhiterValkyrie on 18 Nov 17 at 21:33
MerlinatedI unlocked mine with 3/4 of the map unlocked and 750,000kw, i thought the achievement would pop after the results screen , cant speak for anyone else but the achievement popped for me only when I viewed the power map menu (the person next to the quest giver) so I'd recommend talking to her when you think your close.
Posted by Merlinated on 19 Nov 17 at 01:38
I Highway II just got the achievement with the whole map unlocked the amount of kW I have is 373,930
Posted by I Highway I on 19 Nov 17 at 02:46
SiegfriedXI can also confirm what @Merlinated and @MorteIncarnatum said.

I just unlocked the achievement with a little more power than 373k power and it unlocked ONLY when looking at the power map. Even then it took a little time to unlock, I was already pissed thinking the game was glitchy and it was somewhat random when you unlock the achievement.
Posted by SiegfriedX on 19 Nov 17 at 04:49
WhiterValkyrieYou need the whole map unlocked + 371 000 kW !
Also the amount of kW amassed doesn't carry over in NG+
Posted by WhiterValkyrie on 19 Nov 17 at 12:35
WhiterValkyrieI copy/paste this message from The-Man-In-Black on playstationtrophies because i've also calculated but i like his message !

Your times may vary somewhat based on your level, weapon loadout....

Loading Screen #1: 1:27
Pointless campsite screen (where you pick the pointless food to resurrect yourself and then confirm you're ready in front of the barrel): 33 seconds
Loading screen #2: 10 seconds
Battle: 1:13
End of battle (Where you stand around doing nothing while the AI runs around and swaps one pointless food for another): 23 seconds
Pointless Loading Screen #3: 25 seconds
Campsite: 42 seconds
Last Loading Screen: 1:08

Total Time: 6 minutes, 1 second.
Total Time actually playing the fucking game: 1 minute, 13 seconds.

RoboRessurection pays out 6100 KW per run. To get to 999,999, you need to grind this out 163 times. At 6 minutes per run, that's 978 minutes, or 16.3 hours.

You will spend 3.5 hours of that time actually playing the game. The rest of the time will be spent staring at loading screens. You will literally spend 80% of the time invested in earning this trophy simply staring at loading screens. Over 12 hours.

And this is the most efficient method of earning this trophy. This does *not* even count the time running from the end of town back over to the table to restart the mission, upgrading your weapons, or anything else you do over the course of play.

A grind that was made intentionally pointless to make you farm for shards you cannot even use, and forces you to stare at loading screens for half a real-time day.
Posted by WhiterValkyrie on 19 Nov 17 at 15:21
Enluna@WhiterValkyrie I agree that it was very forced to put an achievement for farm in the dlc. personally I would have liked something simpler (which would have taken time anyway) like to do all the missions or complete the entire map idk.
Posted by Enluna on 20 Nov 17 at 05:10
McAwesomePTthey could have at least made it so you get it once you turn on all power, but no. it appears you have to turn on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and then grind some more ~300kw to get the cheevo. uhhh
Posted by McAwesomePT on 05 Dec 17 at 09:30
Level 75 NoobAfter you get to level 20, your AI companions are tough enough to kill the mechs on their own. It'll tech a bit of extra time to grind each round, but you can go do something else while the game does it's thing. Come back in 8-10 minutes when the bros are dancing around the dining table, the weirdos.
Posted by Level 75 Noob on 09 Dec 17 at 08:41
Dat Boi TreezyHere's a couple of screens for the fully unlocked map if anyone wants a look:

Edit: Just to add my experience with this unlocking just now:

All of the map unlocked with 390,840 kW. Mine popped in the loading screen after finishing a quest although I'd been checking the power map everytime since 300K. I have however though been having issues with achievement delay in Minecraft and AQUA KITTY recently though so for all I know, the achievement may have actually unlocked even earlier.
Posted by Dat Boi Treezy on 30 Dec 17 at 23:37
ZSquared8080Once you've lit up the entire map, it definitely unlocks in the lower 370k range. For me it was 374k, but it didn't pop at 368k.

The only thing I'd add to the solution is to push for any free meteorite shards that you can. One way is by unlocking the entire map (at lest the routes with pickaxes on them). The other way is to go to the other settlements when the refugees band together, and if it's an option, always choose the option that gives you bonus shards. In the second half of my grind I'd get ~15k meteorite shards every 8 missions or so, ended up with ~60k total from this, which was a decent time saver.
Posted by ZSquared8080 on 15 Jan 18 at 06:44
A Gamer X360For those of you playing the Royal Pack/Comrades update, it popped with the entire power grid unlocked and 66 MW extra (58 MW was not enough).
Posted by A Gamer X360 on 22 Mar 18 at 07:57
CheshireMulishaOnce you get to level 24+ the Urgent: Ghosts In The Machines quest is marginally more effective. You get more MW and if you're under level 40 you'll continue to get decent xp.

You only face 1 mech and no other mobs spawn until its virtually dead so its an even quicker and easier fight than Roboressurection.

At least for me anyway and I'm only carrying 4 fully upgraded basic maces (Upgraded using the chrome bits & Reflex enhancers you can buy, with the primary 1 equipped with lightning magic)
Posted by CheshireMulisha on 11 Nov 18 at 22:45
HUN playmoreGhost in the Machine is really way more effective IMO. I didn't play the main game (trying to finish this before server shutdown) so I don't know much about the combat system but I figured out one important thing which makes this really quick, even at way below lvl20. I think I beaten it first around lvl13. I had a good strength 250+ (now 400+ at lvl 20) which may count. I have a good katana and a strong mace. As soon as the battle starts I go to cut up one of the legs, preferably from the side or behind. When the mech tries to stomp me or make the floor electric I hold X to block the attack. 90% of the time it goes into an animation where my character jumps up in the air and if I hold B the mech falls over and takes a tons of more damage. That is when I switch to my mace and mash B and he is dead in a few seconds.
Posted by HUN playmore on 13 Nov 18 at 07:48
AckisWhich weapon is the lightning katana?
Posted by Ackis on 13 Nov 18 at 13:03
GdinutI will post the name whenever i am at the Xbox but go to the weapons dealer under swords and look at the katanas, one will have a progress bar under the Lightning Stat. Its That one.
Play the lightning bomb defense mission (its on the second mission page) a few times to get the ingredients to boost up its lightning Stat. Then go to Cid and upgrade the katana until the lightning stat bar is full. Then after that keep upgrading the remaining levels with Strength, Stamina and Lightning items.
The katana will change to a stronger version and then you can keep leveling it up.

If you do not have the katana at the store then try opening nodes with weapon schematics until you get it. I already had it available at level 10. So its unlocked fairly quick.

There is also a Fire Katana that you can also boost up for Stats.
Posted by Gdinut on 13 Nov 18 at 16:38
Buzz LazerchopsUnlocked it today with 4 areas left on the map unpowered and 205kW spare, while looking at the map.
Posted by Buzz Lazerchops on 14 Nov 18 at 13:34
Sighris@gdinut, that is lightening resistance. If u want lightening dmg or any element dmg u need ability like flamebound, icebound, etc
Posted by Sighris on 14 Nov 18 at 15:47
KilldbyNecropsyI only needed an addition 64kw after completing the entire map.
Posted by KilldbyNecropsy on 17 Nov 18 at 20:09
SweetArkhaneThe achievement popped after I bought some kW to the fisherman, no need to access the grid.
Posted by SweetArkhane on 27 Nov 18 at 00:16
Runner eGirl60,000 kW after purchasing all nodes (expanded map, after update) were not enough (just additional info to approach the exact amount required). The achievement popped after I looked at the map and then exited it.
Posted by Runner eGirl on 04 Dec 18 at 02:14