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Up a Notch

Have a Sim reach max level in the Culinary Career.

Up a Notch-0.4
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18 Nov 2017
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You can do it two ways

Cooking to level 10
Gourmet Cooking 8 (I believe)

Or you can do it with
Cooking level 10
Mixology Level 8 (I believe)

I went with the gourmet cooking but I had it ten by the time I got to the last level in career and I have already quit and moved on.

to make it easier I got the not embarrassed perk so when I was able to suck up to the boss it never effected my mood if It didn't work, I had the learn all skills faster, and get promotions faster. on
XF34Rx KiNGzzAlso I would like to add by doing this one achievement your work on a few of the maxed skil achievements also
Posted by XF34Rx KiNGzz on 09 Aug 19 at 04:05