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Bad Intentions Part 2

Knock out 50 guards.

Bad Intentions Part 20
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19 Nov 2017
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Here's the method I used which I think is the quickest:

Start or continue a game on center perks or the prison of your choice. Get your int to 60 and collect the following items:

battery x 2
paper clip
duct tape

1st craft an energy module from battery x 2 and wire, then craft makeshift stun gun from energy module, paper clip and duct tape.

Now equip the stun gun and wait for a time when there are a bunch of guards/inmates in one place such as roll call or meal time and quit and save your game.

Load up you game and quickly zap the guards/prisoners with the gun until you run out of shots and then hit guide button, highlight The Escapists 2 and hit the menu button and quit out before the game autosaves. Load the game back up and rinse and repeat.

The stun gun only has 5 shots but it will OHKO inmates and normal guards. Plus it can knock out multiple with a single shot if they are close enough together.