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Complete the game start-to-end in one run

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To earn this achievement, you need to complete all the levels in the game in one sitting. This means you can't reload checkpoints in case that isn't obvious from the "one sitting" part.

This isn't too difficult once you are familiar with the controls and know how to progress through the levels.

Below are video guides of each level, same ones I have included in the walkthrough. They're not perfect, but they should provide you with a general idea of how to approach this if this is one of the last achievements you need. Just a note however that these are 100% videos, so they're a bit longer as they show you how to get all the achievements in the game. Thanks to the latest updates, you also need to complete the Dark, Steam, and Ice levels. If you want videos for those three, reference the walkthrough.








Power Plant:


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I ASK NO ONE In the Aztec level in the video at 5:25 u can keep climbing all the up that wall over to get to the other side. Then turn right at the top in the grass and go all the way around and drop down to the exit. Put the small box at the exit door the jump and grab the large cude and the box will hold the door open. Then exit. Takes like maybe 5-10 minutes or the last level, skipping the entire thing.
Posted by I ASK NO ONE on 14 Dec 17 at 16:31
Swyer87 I assume one run just means beating the level and you don't need to get the miscellaneous achievements? If so can anyone give a rough idea of how long this takes and if there are any speed run video guides?
Posted by Swyer87 on 31 Jan 18 at 22:21
Swyer87 By speed run I mean doing the levels the normal way without miscellaneous achievements, not the ridiculously skilled speed runs on YouTube. Can't seem to find one?
Posted by Swyer87 on 31 Jan 18 at 22:58
JohnnieMonkey I had to load checkpoint a couple of times due to glitched object, but Speedrun still unlocked.
Couldn't do the climbing thing for the life of me, though, so that explains that.
There's still a shortcut for Aztec even without that though. After you swing across on the pole (about 12:00 in the video) in the next area there's a box. Take that back to where you came into the area and use it to climb up on the wall. From there you can hop on the treetops and run and jump straight to the pyramid.
Posted by JohnnieMonkey on 03 Jul 18 at 12:03
Healtti I loaded a checkpoint thinking that's allowed.
No achievement...

Maybe don't do that? To be safe.

Oh, and extended climbing is no longer a thing. They patched it.
Posted by Healtti on 03 Jul 18 at 14:01
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz I must be blind but working through the walk through, just got to ch. 5 and see the word speedrun and I'm thinking, hmm that's odd at no point do they mention this..I look on and wow the last page with this cheevo is the first mention of having to do this in one sitting. Not in the intro or anything just simply states one playthrough. Which is true, but in no way relays the message, one sitting. What a horrible oversight. I'm sorry man, but damn.
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 04 Jul 18 at 08:12
PLOP DjMessiah @zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz I came to comments to write the same thing. I loaded the walkthrough and started going through it. Halfway through playthrough I loaded up Forza to download a car then went back to this game. If there had of been a mention of the speedrun achievement I would have known not to exit game and saved the future full game playthrough I will now have to do... What a waste of a night.
Posted by PLOP DjMessiah on 05 Jul 18 at 15:59
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz ^yup, nothing at all. And further into the walkthrough it will casually mention.."oh you'll do this on your next playthrough." It's infuriating. And as you've response..I mean at least own up to it and make an adjustment to it for anyone in the future 😂
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 05 Jul 18 at 18:46
BLYAST Can anyone give an ETA of how long a full playthrough takes? Thanks!
Posted by BLYAST on 10 Jul 18 at 20:20
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz Well for starters dont use the above guide. Took me roughly an hour with the guide from that other "xbox achievement site" message me if you need the link😁
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 10 Jul 18 at 21:11
Doktor Zeit This guide helped me a ton, he's on PC but I was able to do everything he did, the catapult took a few tries though.

His route for Aztec isn't very good, look at the achievement guides for "Bird's Eye" for the fastest way though the level.
Posted by Doktor Zeit on 01 Sep 18 at 11:24
NamelessxDread Fuck, I tried to skip the truck part in Power Plant by blasting out of one of the big fans but landed in the wrong pillar and got stuck there and had to reload.
Posted by NamelessxDread on 21 Nov 18 at 10:16
Failure Online in water you can skip the putting the rocks in and out of the raft (14:00) by just walking under water to a ramp that goes up to the part where you jump across.. this is useful because it seems the rocks do not respond like the other objects that fall in the water
Posted by Failure Online on 02 Dec 18 at 23:24
Failure Online did the whole thing in one sitting and ended up reloading the checkpoint once during aztec at the second to last puzzle.. the achievement for aztec did not pop, so I hit continue and did the last puzzle again and that popped.. then quit the game and went to Official Club > Progress to check how long it took me, and to my surprise the speedrun popped then
Posted by Failure Online on 03 Dec 18 at 02:25
OJLean I can confirm that reloading or dying does NOT affect the achievement. All you have to do is complete game with quiting
Posted by OJLean on 12 Feb 19 at 16:25
Spydare cam confirm you need to finish DARK for the 100% achievement
Posted by Spydare on 16 Apr 19 at 20:58
UGADawg1029 Spydare is correct. Dark is now required for the achievement.
Posted by UGADawg1029 on 25 Apr 19 at 00:39
Inspector Adam Dark (even with shortcuts) is by far the longest level, which is needed for the speedrun. On average, it should take you 30min or less.
Posted by Inspector Adam on 05 May 19 at 11:22
Ericmax69 Found a bit of a shortcut for Dark - instead of making the key in the second section, get one of the big sandbox-crate things from on top of the building on the left and prop it up against the gate. Put the Anvil next to it, climb on the Anvil, onto the Crate, jump and grab the top of the gate and climb over. Saves a whole lot of time.
Posted by Ericmax69 on 08 May 19 at 02:20
FOLD Ryukenden If you have "instant-on mode" enabled in your xbox power settings, you don't have to play the game in a single run, you can power off your xbox(DON'T exit the game, just turn the console off) and when you turn it back on you can continue from where you left, without voiding the achievement. I started my first playthrough two days ago and I turned off the console twice, but it still counted as a single run. Note: you CAN'T switch game and you MUST have instant-on mode, otherwise the game will restart, not allowing you to continue from where you left.

Also restarted first and second level via pause menu, but I still got it.
Posted by FOLD Ryukenden on 16 May 19 at 20:18
MurmuringSum34 Can someone clarify if we can reload checkpoints or not? And akso is it ok if we die?
Posted by MurmuringSum34 on 13 Jun 19 at 09:29
UsedRobot Don't know about reloading checkpoints, but I can confirm you can die as many times as you like.
Posted by UsedRobot on 25 Jun 19 at 17:20
frozinfun I reloaded a checkpoint twice, once in aztec and once in dark, and it still popped for me
Posted by frozinfun on 23 Aug 19 at 07:18
Ericmax69 Found a short cut for Steam - when you get past the third door, and are supposed to light a stick and carry it back to the furnace, don't. Carefully climb out of the widow in the back of the furnace instead. Then swing across to the nearby platform. From there, you can jump across to the crane area. Cuts out a big chunk of the level, also handy if you're going for the "Walk the Plank" achievement if, like me, you missed it first time through.
Posted by Ericmax69 on 03 Sep 19 at 19:31
Xerostomia I needed to complete Steam to get the achievement. I was annoyed when it did not pop after Aztec, and following the guide, even more annoyed when it did not pop after Dark (at the beginning, I dropped the axe in the room and could not get it out of the room. I decided to open the door, and voided the achievement because I did not want to risk hitting restart checkpoint).

At the beginning of Steam, I walked on the see saw ramp first (was not using a guide), fell off, but could not reset the ramp to move it. I hit restart checkpoint. If I knew that would work, I would have restarted Dark. At least I don't have to replay the entire game (though I need to replay 4 chapters anyways to try an clean up a few achievements.
Posted by Xerostomia on 05 Oct 19 at 16:12
Kol Magius I did not have to do Steam or Ice to get this achievement, it popped after Dark while I was in the credits. If some people (such as Xerostomia) had to do Steam, it is probably because I did not download Steam or Ice yet. They are currently listed as free DLC and I see in the game menu that they exist, but I did not install them yet. I might recommend not installing those until finishing this achievement.
Posted by Kol Magius on 06 Jan at 05:17
kiomx I had a glitch with a vehicle in Power Plant that made me exit to main menu (tried reload checkpoint, then restart level, neither worked). At the end, I did not get it :(
Posted by kiomx on 21 Jan at 00:31
Bastian Reader This is such a dumb achievement. Second time the game has crashed on me at the last level.
Posted by Bastian Reader on 21 Jan at 03:34
Bastian Reader I can confirm that you DO NOT need to do steam or ice for this achievement IF you DO NOT have the two dlc packs downloaded. It’s okay if you had them downloaded previously, just delete them before attempting this achievement.
Posted by Bastian Reader on 21 Jan at 05:47