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I Want It All

Complete every page in the Skill Shop (excluding temporary perks).

I Want It All0
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25 Nov 2017
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First, you want to get the right car. Go the Festival>Autoshow>View All>Ram>Ram Runner 2013. Buy the car, it's not too much (like 100,000 or less credits I believe). Then, go to Garage>Upgrades>Load Upgrade>Search "I Want It All" or (I made one) search for creator "DCNats34". This car is ideal for drifting, going fast and being offroad. There are multiple areas specified above that are good for skill points, in my opinion the best is either fields/farms or the Dry Reservoir as other areas may look good, but are easy to crash in. Remember to stop after 50,000 (before multiplier), as you can't get more than that in one go.