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Using the File Browser upload a file to your File Share.

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13 Sep 2010 25 Sep 2014
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This achievement is for uploading a single file (Screenshot, Film/Clip, Map variant or Game type) It doesnt have to be your own, you can just go to the Menu (Press cn_start on any screen) go to File Browser, Most Downloaded, Screenshot, Open the top one, press cn_X and click download.

Then from the File Browser menu go to Local Files, Screenshot, press cn_X and Upload to File Share. You dont even need to play the game, though im sure everyone bought it for that purpose, so just skip the first process.

Thanks to Curtieson for this suggestion:
To speed up your achievement gaining hit Recommend to friends on the file you just uploaded to unlock another achievement.
Halo: ReachCool File, BroThe Cool File, Bro achievement in Halo: Reach worth 7 pointsRecommend a file to someone.

Here's a video to demonstrate.
crewdyThis is majorly buggy. Everytime I try to do this it says the file was created offline and is not valid. I'm creating it in the Theater after an online match, whilst connected to live and the Reach servers. Grr.
Posted by crewdy#4923 on 15 Sep 10 at 08:41
SpilnerYes i think due to the high demand of teh game they are having troubles, to be expected really.
Posted by Spilner on 15 Sep 10 at 12:38
CurtiesonI hate to say it is to be expected...failures can happen...but should ever be accepted and if they were expected they should have been fixed.

Anyway, I was having the same issue...I have NO idea how to fix it either...but I went onto the servers and downloaded a friends recommended video...I just went to local files and shared that.

Also, Spilner, I would include the link to the other achievement dealing with file sharing. (link this into your solution)

Cool File, Bro
Posted by Curtieson on 15 Sep 10 at 13:16
Posted by Spilner on 15 Sep 10 at 13:36
montygothanks for the help. this was confusing me.
Posted by montygo on 15 Sep 10 at 16:15
SpilnerYou're welcome.
Posted by Spilner on 15 Sep 10 at 21:37
CurtiesonThanks for the shout out also :) haha
Posted by Curtieson on 14 Oct 10 at 17:27
SpilnerI always give credit for help on my solutions ^^
Posted by Spilner on 14 Oct 10 at 17:38
Mickey BurnsI'll point out that you cannot get this or Cool File, Bro with the 4GB Slim ... it tells you that "an Xbox 360 Hard Drive is required to access your temporary history/local files/file share/etc" ...
Posted by Mickey Burns on 15 Apr 11 at 06:50
Will I need gold membership for this achievement?
Posted on 30 Apr 11 at 16:56
SpilnerMore than likely, im not sure.
Posted by Spilner on 30 Apr 11 at 17:17
HeyMrBassman@Ellerkermike37 - yes you will, or a Bungie Pro account.
Posted by HeyMrBassman on 27 Jun 11 at 11:34
PinkyNarf69Thanks Mickey Burns about the info on needing a Hard Drive. I did not know why everything was greyed out and would not work.
Posted by PinkyNarf69 on 10 Oct 13 at 23:43
Diesel FoleyAwesome solution.perfectly explained
Posted by Diesel Foley on 15 Jan 15 at 07:01
Darkroder92this should be marked discontinued achievement since July 2016
Posted by Darkroder92 on 03 Jan 17 at 19:56
DJDonegalHave been waiting to see if anyone answers @Dr Marty, but I'm also interested if this can still be unlocked...
Posted by DJDonegal on 19 Jan 17 at 12:18
Killionaire119I tried unlocking this by switching between my xbox one and 360 consoles, it just comes up with 'transfer failed'. Is there no way to fix this?
It might be unobtainable now, yet people have been unlocking it....
Posted by Killionaire119 on 24 Jan 17 at 10:27
i SPARTAN 117 vThis achievement is still obtainable cause if u check the the recent winners list for the achievement dplayers have been getting it this year.
Posted by i SPARTAN 117 v on 27 Jan 17 at 01:41
Killionaire119Its weird, because it says 'transfer failed', yet the screenshot/game mode is in the file share lol
Posted by Killionaire119 on 27 Jan 17 at 04:40
i SPARTAN 117 vYer same thing is happening to me as well must be a server issue so guess we just have to wait
Posted by i SPARTAN 117 v on 27 Jan 17 at 10:31
Darkroder92If anyone got this achievemet now please let us know
Posted by Darkroder92 on 28 Jan 17 at 12:12
MaseraltiLast person that unlocked this was on the 21st of January. I've tried to transfer a file but it says that it failed even though it's still in the file share.
Posted by Maseralti on 23 Feb 17 at 00:26
JuanmaEiroaAnyone else still having the "Transfer Failed" issue? I don't know what to do, it still uploads the file to the File Share, but doesn't give me the achievement
Posted by JuanmaEiroa on 18 Mar 17 at 17:53
WomiExactly the same for me. Been trying to get it for the past few days.
Posted by Womi on 20 Mar 17 at 18:41
Concetto18Same problem. I was send a message to Mister Jeffa asking how he did unlock it? because i saw his achievements and he unlocked it on febrary 2017 there's a problem with the upload center i think we have to report that to bungie.

Achievement won by Mister Jeffa on 24 February 2017
Posted by Concetto18 on 26 Mar 17 at 21:12
LethewalkerSo is this just unobtainable now? Pretty frustrating. All the files upload to file share but it still says failed to transfer
Posted by Lethewalker on 01 Apr 17 at 20:57
I think we need to start making Bungie aware of this issue before they completely abandon this game or something. I'm sure they can fix this for us.
Posted on 17 Apr 17 at 21:52
RyuanSomeone new just got this yesterday, so either people are cheating or it is still obtainable somehow
Posted by Ryuan on 25 Apr 17 at 19:12
He's a cheat
Posted on 25 Apr 17 at 19:14
RyuanIs he?
Posted by Ryuan on 25 Apr 17 at 19:18
Yeah, I checked and he got online achievements offline on games like FiFA 16, Halo Reach, etc... He's been reported and hopefully will be deported out of TA -_-
Posted on 25 Apr 17 at 19:51
Darkroder92This achievement keep changed from discontinued to partly unobtainabme what tbe fuck with this achievement !!
Posted by Darkroder92 on 25 Apr 17 at 20:59
GSR CAORcrossing my fingers that this one gets fixed. Been checking this solutions comments since September last year in the hopes that it got fixed at some point but still no luck :/
Posted by GSR CAOR on 26 Apr 17 at 03:26
Unobtoinable or buggy? facepalm
Posted on 29 Apr 17 at 05:48
vRecNThere is a dedicated forum post regarding this issue on HaloWaypoint. Its probably best to air your concerns there as its more likely to be seen by 343i.
Posted by vRecN on 01 May 17 at 08:04
EarthboundXMister Jeffa is the last person who managed to unlock this, everyone else has been a modder/cheater who unlocked this online required achievement offline.

I've flagged the achievement as unobtainable, as it clearly is. Not sure TA will change it back though. I kinda doubt it will be fixed either, game is almost 7 years old.
Posted by EarthboundX on 12 May 17 at 03:48
MasTRE007It's not unobtainable since I just got it. I tried it like 3 times from the same downloaded file (follow this guide until you get to the upload part), the trick is to *back out* to the main view of the file - I don't remb exactly but there is a final screen where you can upload from, I tried it twice from there and it didn't work and then as I was backing out I noticed that you have something like "file options" on the previous screen as well, I tried it from there and it worked.

Ironically, I'm not much interested in completing this game I was just popping cheevos for the alphabet challenge, someone just messaged me and I checked this thread and saw that y'all are having problems with it; hope this helps.
Posted by MasTRE007 on 06 Jun 17 at 07:47
EarthboundXWhat kinda file did you use? Screenshot, video clip, what?

It does upload the files to the file share, even though says it fails I've noticed.

The achievement unlock must be based on when it says a file share succeeds. Did it say file transfer successful when you got it?
Posted by EarthboundX on 07 Jun 17 at 07:40
MasTRE007Screenshot, just downloaded a popular one. Like I said, it failed twice, then I backed out one screen and tried again just for kicks (I was ready to give up since this is such an old game). Not sure if it succeeded but the achievement unlocked.

I'm on XBone using compatibility mode, unlikely that would make a difference but since this seems to be a problem, try duplicating my exact environment to see if it works for you. It's an XBone S, again, unlikely to matter, just noting what I used.

Do achievements for this game unlock on secondary accts? If so I could try my wife's login and try unlocking it there while filming with my phone if still not working for you guys.
Posted by MasTRE007 on 07 Jun 17 at 17:28
CodeMonkeysGuyDo you mean Silver accounts by secondary ones? Because IIRC, you need Xbox Live Gold to upload stuff.

Either way, thanks for the info. You were on X1 BC, other guy was on 360, and you both unlocked it around the same time... strange to be sure. Hopefully we can see some reproductions soon.
Posted by CodeMonkeysGuy on 08 Jun 17 at 04:17
witter56I tried this for like 10 mins straight, uploading to File Share, all of them FAILED.

Will come back another day to try it again. Maybe one day it will glitch and finally unlock.

*Edit: I've been trying to get this achievement for a week now, trying it every day a couple of times... It's not working
The game hub of this game now says that the achievement rarely unlocks so technically it is obtainable.
Both, the people that got it after December/January, don't show up in the "recent winners" list. Did TA admins remove them, even when they got the achievement legit?
Posted by witter56 on 06 Aug 17 at 20:14
EarthboundXLooks like it's back up!
Posted by EarthboundX on 21 Oct 17 at 10:26
witter56^Can confirm this. As of 21/10/2017 it's obtainable again. Who knows for how long?
Posted by witter56 on 21 Oct 17 at 13:00
mrbellekCan confirm, just got this. after trying about 10 times it went through and the achievement unlocked.
Posted by mrbellek on 21 Oct 17 at 20:03
EarthboundXAnd broken again....
Posted by EarthboundX on 27 Oct 17 at 04:34
^ hahahaha
Posted on 27 Oct 17 at 04:40
folsombrandonjSomeone got this achievement Nov. 11. Can someone check to see if it's still working?
Posted by folsombrandonj on 13 Nov 17 at 22:49
LethewalkerTried today about 20 times. not working
Posted by Lethewalker on 18 Nov 17 at 20:51
Teh Halo Guy343 is at least aware of the issue. Just had an employee comment on a reddit post:

"Reach has definitely had some challenges as the servers and services continue to age. There's still a very healthy player population though and 343 is actively working with the MSFT operations team folks to work out plans to help stabilize and modernize to provide a better, consistent experience. I don't have a timeline yet but it's actively being worked on."


Basically, just give it time. Definitely a server side issue.
Posted by Teh Halo Guy on 29 Nov 17 at 20:28
They may as well just shut the servers off if it continues to cause this much inconvenience.

I had to boost the online achievements because the community on the game is dead...
Posted on 29 Nov 17 at 21:30
ZilchMassCurrently working as of 12/2/17
Posted by ZilchMass on 02 Dec 17 at 06:43
Teh Halo GuyCan confirm. I had to upload a game type tho (smaller file size), as a screenshot failed.
Posted by Teh Halo Guy on 02 Dec 17 at 18:21
LeXXuzSuccesfully uploaded a screenshot I just downloaded. But I had to retry the upload several times until it worked.
Posted by LeXXuz on 03 Dec 17 at 07:49
Ne0N Prime^ Same for me. Took several times uploading a screenshot. Did finally work.
Posted by Ne0N Prime on 07 Dec 17 at 04:31
Posted by 지정사수소총 on 10 Dec 17 at 17:00
ZH PRISONERI can't get this achievement to work again. As of 12/23/2017 it just says transfer failed.
Posted by ZH PRISONER on 23 Dec 17 at 12:49
Posted by BlackRain228 on 08 Feb 18 at 03:23
XwolfanXits not working for me 10/02/2018
Posted by XwolfanX on 11 Feb 18 at 03:11
transkymanIs there a way to let everyone else know when this achievement works again? Like a private message in a private threat or something? The thing is this achievement works randomly and I won't (just like a lot of dudes here) be checking daily if it pops.
Posted by transkyman on 12 Feb 18 at 23:52
Unfortunately the only way you can be notified is if you're a pro member of the site.

Other than that, you will have to check regularly if its been rectified.

However you do get notified when someone has posted on the solutions.

Hopefully someone can say its been fixed although the chances of that happening is very slim...
Posted on 12 Feb 18 at 23:58
EarthboundXI'm still confused on why it worked for about 5 days, then broke again.
Posted by EarthboundX on 13 Feb 18 at 00:20
^ It can happen when everyone is trying to upload right at the same time. The same thing happened with Gears of War 2 Photojournalist. These servers they use are very old it seems.
Posted on 13 Feb 18 at 00:28
transkymanGuys, this is working now! Tried twice! It popped on the second try! HURRY!
Posted by transkyman on 15 Feb 18 at 04:49
BlackRain228thought i missed out on this one.
Posted by BlackRain228 on 15 Feb 18 at 06:16
Plexus2012Today 15.02.2018, open achiev. i happy:) Moscow time 15:30.
Posted by Plexus2012 on 15 Feb 18 at 12:46
Dresden N7Another month means another flag change. The 343 gods giveth and the 343 gods taketh away.
Posted by Dresden N7 on 15 Feb 18 at 12:55
AlterPred10 tries with a gametype and it finally worked, just keep trying
Posted by AlterPred on 15 Feb 18 at 23:59
BlackxRyanCould they make their damn mind on this achievement ? Jesus.
Posted by BlackxRyan on 28 Feb 18 at 07:53
EarthboundXI'm not even sure they're even doing anything to fix it.
Posted by EarthboundX on 28 Feb 18 at 08:09
Marc Antoine110It’s not working angry
Posted by Marc Antoine110 on 05 Mar 18 at 01:39
Posted by alpaca777 on 05 Mar 18 at 14:16
WolframX25yep miss it -.-
Posted by WolframX25 on 05 Mar 18 at 19:03
iiBloxorzThey fixed the glitch where all lobbies display 0 players, so maybe they're in progress of fixing the achievement? Have hope!
Posted by iiBloxorz on 08 Mar 18 at 17:26
iiBloxorzI let out a cheer when I was able to successfully upload a map to File Share... Took 3 tries to get this achievement, unlocked at 4:23 on 3/15/2018 on Xbox One.
Posted by iiBloxorz on 15 Mar 18 at 20:26
alpaca777Working again... 1st try. headspin Get it while it's hot.
Posted by alpaca777 on 16 Mar 18 at 16:32
SSMxGAMER645Just got it. Had a screenshot in my local files tried uploading that and it failed a few times then I changed the description to "pls loa" and it worked first try lol good luck!
Posted by SSMxGAMER645 on 06 Jun 18 at 06:17
SSMxGAMER645Just got it. Had a screenshot in my local files tried uploading that and it failed a few times then I changed the description to "pls loa" and it worked first try lol good luck!
Posted by SSMxGAMER645 on 06 Jun 18 at 06:18
SilsRayleighIt's working
Posted by SilsRayleigh on 31 Oct 18 at 21:45
NapalmNikoIt's not working at all
Posted by NapalmNiko on 11 Dec 18 at 07:24
Mr DopeGaming8:45pm EST 12/19/18 This achievement worked
Posted by Mr DopeGaming on 20 Dec 18 at 01:47
SascabarDid unlock for me at first try on Xbox One. So its working for now.
Posted by Sascabar on 22 Dec 18 at 01:19
JimCantThis worked for me today. Still working
Posted by JimCant on 03 Apr 20 at 17:28
JohnnyKoiIt worked first try today. Thank you
Posted by JohnnyKoi on 08 Jun 20 at 08:45
HeyItsJonBoyCan confirm this still works today. I was on Xbox One
Posted by HeyItsJonBoy on 28 Dec 20 at 04:35
MustardJoker65Still works on 360!
Posted by MustardJoker65 on 27 Jan at 22:23