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Naval Weapons Collection

Perform a kill with all "Turning Tides" weapon variants

Naval Weapons Collection+0.2
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A 2rue BooferA 2rue Boofer328,838
11 Dec 2017 18 Jan 2018
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There's 8 new weapons, 2 per class and 1 melee weapon

You must get a kill with the following weapons. These are the requirements to unlock each weapon. Also, if you pick up a weapon off a dead enemy and get a kill with it, it counts towards your achievement.


Maschinenpistole M1912
Perform 50 kills with Automatico M1918 Storm
Destroy 5 boats with the AT Rocket Gun
(Note: progress can be gained by destroying empty boats, an enemy does not have to be in it to get progress)

M1917 Trench Carbine
Perform 15 kills with sidearms
Perform 5 multikills
(Note: I believe this is 2 or 3+ kills within succession for the multi kills. I got in the new destroyer ship and got multi kills with the main gun, I focused on enemy boats as they regularly had more than 1 enemy inside them)


Farquhar-Hill Optical
Perform 25 headshots with the Farquhar-Hill Storm
Complete 20 squad orders (Play Conquest and look for the green icons around objectives and make your way and capture it

Farquhar-Hill Storm
Perform 25 kills with the M1907 SL Trench
In a round, perform 10 revives


M1917 MG Low Weight
Perform 25 kills with the BAR M1918 Trench
Perform 250 vehicle damage using explosives

M1927 MG Telescopic
Perform 50 kills with the M1917 MG Low Weight
Perform 1500 points of suppression with any LMG
(Note: Suppression points are earned by suppressing enemies, and not killing them, after earning the M1917 MG Low Weight, I just fired continuously at large groups of enemies without killing them and earned all 1500 points in 2 games)


Type 38 Arisaka Infantry
Perform 25 counter sniping kills
As a scout, perform 3 multikills
(Note:Counter-sniping kills are kills on other snipers. The Multikills are tough to do with a sniper, so I'd suggest playing on Albion and getting in a boat and attacking other boats or playing on Argonne forest and getting in the Behemoth, easy enough to get multi kills in those vehicles that don't make you spawn as a tanker class)

Carcano M91 Carbine
Perform 25 kills with the Gewehr M.95 Carbine
Destroy 5 explosives
(Note: the 5 explosives will be hard to do legit, I'd play on the standard Conquest maps and keep your eye out for mines on the ground)

Melee weapon

Naval Cutlass
Capture 20 flags while in a boat
Perform 15 kills on swimming enemies
(Note: Flag captures can be obtained on Fao Fortress and Albion)
RomanAroundDo you know for sure that the 3 new melee weapons don't count?
Posted by RomanAround on 11 Dec 17 at 21:16
The SCHWARTZ 00Awesome tip on the empty boats, super clutch. Thumbs up.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 11 Dec 17 at 21:20
A 2rue BooferNot entirely sure yet, almost done with all of the weapons, so we shall see.
Posted by A 2rue Boofer on 11 Dec 17 at 21:28
J2B9Yeah they shouldn't count considering they've not counted the new melee weapons for past dlcs
Posted by J2B9 on 11 Dec 17 at 21:32
Juicy PlumbsI know this isn’t relevant but can someone boost the rough seas achievement with me 😂👍
Posted by Juicy Plumbs on 11 Dec 17 at 21:36
Dang3R GamingWell something else counts, I've gotten 11% per weapon, if it was just 8, it would be 25% per 2. There is one melee weapon from this DLC that needs unlocking through an assignment, so that might count.
Posted by Dang3R Gaming on 11 Dec 17 at 21:47
K3lviNMissing weapon is the Naval Cutlass

Capture 20 flags while in a boat
Perform 15 kills on swimming enemies
Posted by K3lviN on 11 Dec 17 at 21:53
A 2rue BooferThanks K3lvin
Posted by A 2rue Boofer on 11 Dec 17 at 21:54
ReAl ImPuLsEAny tip for As a scout, perform 3 multikills. Which weapon is best?
Posted by ReAl ImPuLsE on 11 Dec 17 at 23:04
A 2rue BooferIt's a pain in the ass to get multi kills, I'd suggest playing Achi Baba and throwing grenades while they are capturing a flag.
Posted by A 2rue Boofer on 11 Dec 17 at 23:47
Priit3On what maps can you capture flags with a boat? The only one i remember is Albion.
Posted by Priit3 on 12 Dec 17 at 00:42
A 2rue BooferPriit3, I think Albion is the only one, which is dumb.
Posted by A 2rue Boofer on 12 Dec 17 at 01:24
Dang3R GamingDoing the sword legit is just stupid. Barely any maps have the capability to capture flags by boat, and most of them are dead server wise. As for killing swimming enemies, I have never seen anyone in the water if they could help it.
Posted by Dang3R Gaming on 12 Dec 17 at 02:35
Roose91Fao Fortress is another with flags that can be captured in the boat. The swimming kills and scout multikills ones are both bullshit.
Posted by Roose91 on 12 Dec 17 at 04:37
J2B9If you have In The Name of Tsar the last dlc and If you can find a supply drop match, then the multikills are easy. Since there'll always be multiple people on it and you can just throw a nade
Posted by J2B9 on 12 Dec 17 at 05:32
TheeJamesTThey also have to come up with some stupid challenge don't they, seriously puts me off playing.
Posted by TheeJamesT on 12 Dec 17 at 15:40
Onix298I've gotten 2/3 scout multikills by hopping in the new Destroyer boat as a scout and taking out the enemy boats that flock to you. You could potentially get in the boat and shoot onto the land for lucky multikills as well.
Posted by Onix298 on 12 Dec 17 at 20:18
Or1g1nal S1nn3rMulti-kills as a scout. I did it by spawning in a torpedo boat and blowing up boats on conquest. As long as there are at least two people in the vehicle, you get it. Alternatively, if you're a scout, jump on the AA gun and take out a fully loaded bomber, etc.
Posted by Or1g1nal S1nn3r on 12 Dec 17 at 20:25
Roose91I have everything except cutlass. I just need 12 kills on swimmers. Drop me a message if you want to help and I'm happy to drop whatever guns you need to use.
Posted by Roose91 on 12 Dec 17 at 23:07
AHGregCapturing flags with boats facepalm
Posted by AHGreg on 12 Dec 17 at 23:12
AkaiERA"Counter-sniping kills are kills on other snipers who have their primary weapon out, and you must kill them with your primary weapon, sidearm kills won't count towards that."

Incorrect. I did 10+ kills with the M1911 Hellfighter and they all counted towards the progress.
Posted by AkaiERA on 13 Dec 17 at 00:46
Or1g1nal S1nn3rI've been told that Empire's Edge has a flag in Conquest which you could capture by boat and that's E. I think the only maps available to capture flags by boat are: Albion, Empire's Edge and Fao Fortress.
Posted by Or1g1nal S1nn3r on 13 Dec 17 at 01:08
Zelik NxThe Multi kills are a little misleading, you actually have to kill atleast 2 enemies simultaneously, found that out the hard way.
Posted by Zelik Nx on 13 Dec 17 at 01:59
Fuzzmeister Jscout mutikills were super easy with the torpedo boat. The enemy team kept getting in a full boat and I blew em all up.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 13 Dec 17 at 02:14
SPΛΙΝΤΞRCΞΛΛI got multikills with the grenade launcher (new elite class)
Posted by SPΛΙΝΤΞRCΞΛΛ on 13 Dec 17 at 04:25
Roose91@Akaigaf Indeed, I had grenade kills counting towards it too.
Posted by Roose91 on 13 Dec 17 at 09:15
OnlyOneYEEZYi anyone want to do the weapons, pls msg me.
Posted by OnlyOneYEEZY on 13 Dec 17 at 13:00
IronLegion53Swimming kills are proving the hardest personally. Any tips?
Posted by IronLegion53 on 13 Dec 17 at 15:18
Or1g1nal S1nn3rI've found the best way to get swimming kills is on Fao Fortress. If you're on operations there is the inlet from the ocean after flag A that the team has to cross to reach flag B (unless they're in a vehicle). You can usually pick someone off as they swim across there. Optionally if the team advances to the next two points, that same river creeps down to the next two points and typically attackers will swim across from B to A. If they get to the flag where you're defending the fortress, on the side of A is the large expanse of water that attackers may swim across to get to the fortress walls. Edit: The map layout is the same whether you play Operations or Conquest, I just used Operations as an example...

Alternatively, the C flag on Albion is pretty good as it sits on an island. There are walkways from the island to the mainland in either direction but you can destroy them by driving through them with a boat so that anyone attempting to reach C has to swim or use a boat. C is also a boat capture point but it typically heavily contested.
Posted by Or1g1nal S1nn3r on 13 Dec 17 at 19:15
IronLegion53Thanks. Albion around C seems to be working slowly but surely. I’ll give Fao a shot if I can find a conquest match with enough ppl playin
Posted by IronLegion53 on 13 Dec 17 at 22:11
SPΛΙΝΤΞRCΞΛΛDoes killing swimming enemies with weapons count?
Posted by SPΛΙΝΤΞRCΞΛΛ on 14 Dec 17 at 00:11
Or1g1nal S1nn3rSwaggaGround, yes.
Posted by Or1g1nal S1nn3r on 14 Dec 17 at 00:32
Posted by SPΛΙΝΤΞRCΞΛΛ on 14 Dec 17 at 00:34
Fuzzmeister JI got 20 captures without getting credit for swimming kills. You must be hitting people and not knowing it.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 14 Dec 17 at 05:59
Or1g1nal S1nn3rI see what it is. I never get notifications for capturing with the boat, instead I get the notification that I killed someone swimming in the water (when I didn't). Rather, the counter doesn't increase but that challenge is the one that pops up. I do have swimming kills that registered however and I have no idea how I got them.
Posted by Or1g1nal S1nn3r on 14 Dec 17 at 06:47
AkaiERAI always ask myself who the person is that designs such stupid assignements... Killing 15 swimming enemies, capturing a flag with a boat 20 times, doing 1500 supression points and etc. etc...

I want to see the designer going through this pain and then tell me with a straight face that this is fun.
Posted by AkaiERA on 14 Dec 17 at 15:56
Fuzzmeister JI got the swimming enemies in 2 nights of play. There have been worse challenges.

It is a bit dumb that the base maps are better for those though and not the dlc maps.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 14 Dec 17 at 16:36
Deschain019Empires edge also works for boat caps with point E.

Albion you can ram the boat onto the shore at point F if you use the little river type part that gets close. You can also ram the boat near B and melee it up the hill... but I always get killed before it's quite there. Not recommended.
Posted by Deschain019 on 14 Dec 17 at 23:49
IX B RYE XIUnlocked this last night. Found that doing laps in the boat around flags G, A, C, and B on Fao Fortress worked well. In terms of swimming enemies. Flag C on Albion was the best bet. Use single action rifles on the hilltops around the island or stand on the island itself while watching the water; you're bound to get some kills eventually. Annoying as hell.
Posted by IX B RYE XI on 15 Dec 17 at 14:49
Feend ReturnsAnyone got the Cutlass and the Scout weapons unlocked? I got the other classes done, could do a trade.
Posted by Feend Returns on 16 Dec 17 at 10:59
WhitestAFI2ICANCan you even pick up the cutlass melee weapon off someone’s dead body?
Posted by WhitestAFI2ICAN on 16 Dec 17 at 23:41
Elite MouseFor swimming kills I did almost all of mine on Fao Fortress and found a few little sneaky spots in and around the river between B and C. You'll have to figure out what gun works best for you because the enemies do not stay in the water swimming for long so you need massive dps and high accuracy. I used the 30 round LMG (benecio telescopic or something) and would sit perfectly still, as long as you don't move around and stay in one spot you'd be amazed at how none of the enemies will even realize you're there.
Posted by Elite Mouse on 17 Dec 17 at 05:46
Elite MouseFor boat captures I found a really good system on Empire's Edge Conquest where I got 14 captures done in one match. I would jump in a boat and head over and start circling the island, teammates would continuously spawn in my boat and charge up the island, adding to the capture numbers and quickly capping the island. As soon as the island is captured redeploy and switch teams (might have to wait a little bit but I was in a match where I could switch constantly no problem) and then drive over and start circling again.

Always keep moving somewhat and keep in mind there are fortress guns at D that can target you, but I only died to that once in all my captures.

I never tried Fao Fortress but I absolutely hated trying to get caps on Albion, C is useless because you have to be literally on top of the flag and you cant move around at all and it's such an open area you basically get instantly sniped or destroyed by everyone trying to get AT rocket gun kills (defense first sector cape helles rush the beach and hide by the rocks, empty boats count) and F sucks too because its a one time capture as you have to beach the boat way up on land.
Posted by Elite Mouse on 17 Dec 17 at 05:52
Juicy PlumbsThe grind is real 😂 almost got the last assault weapon, done the medic weapons, need 1 support as picked one up off floor, and the 2 scout weapons and melee weapon 😭😭 I can cope with the assault and support but I’m shit at sniping so if anyone could be kind enough to drop those 2 message me 😂👍👍
Posted by Juicy Plumbs on 17 Dec 17 at 22:21
South Park TFBWOnly difficult one is the melee weapon. It's just pure fucking bullshit angry
Posted by South Park TFBW on 18 Dec 17 at 03:29
Hideki3043I Have both Scout weapons unlocked, if someone wants to trade to Farquhar-Hill Optical or Naval Cutlass message me GT: Hideki3043
Posted by Hideki3043 on 18 Dec 17 at 10:19
Americano xXAnyone want to boost the swimming kills for the melee weapon? Message me GT: Americano xX
Posted by Americano xX on 18 Dec 17 at 11:04
Juicy Plumbs@Hideki3043 I’ll drop the Farquhar-hill optical for a scout weapon I’ll message you on Xbox 👍
Posted by Juicy Plumbs on 18 Dec 17 at 12:01
Jonny1872Albion flag F can be captured by boat. There is a small inlet as long as you beach the boat you will get the capture.
Posted by Jonny1872 on 18 Dec 17 at 17:08
Lt KRobberI Have every weapon apart from the Naval Cutlass, can this be acquired by killing an enemy and picking it up? its a bit of a joke putting in capturing 20 flags by boat when there is only 3 maps that can only capture one point at a time!
Posted by Lt KRobber on 18 Dec 17 at 17:08
SquiSquiSquidioif you go to the server menu you can search for the 3 maps and pick a server. if a map is voted you don't need, back out and search again.
Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 19 Dec 17 at 05:17
JanGLLI'm also only missing the Naval Cutlass. If someone could help me and drop it so I get the achievement, please message me. For exchange you can get all the other ones
Posted by JanGLL on 19 Dec 17 at 22:56
WhitestAFI2ICANWould anybody be willing to share the naval cutlass with me please? The challenges are ridiculous to do legit
Posted by WhitestAFI2ICAN on 19 Dec 17 at 23:37
USMC 90 95Same here, I got every weapon but the cutlass. I'll swap with anyone who as it
Posted by USMC 90 95 on 20 Dec 17 at 01:48
Alpha 837Are the two January maps going to be entirely water or something? Because these flag caps and swimming kills are insanely stupid.
Posted by Alpha 837 on 20 Dec 17 at 10:03
Hideki3043Fao Fortress is the best map to get the 20 flags, i played Albion for hours and is so frustrating cause they snipe or destroy you with the AT Rocket Gun on Flag C
Posted by Hideki3043 on 20 Dec 17 at 13:14
ARK NocturnusAnyone wish to boost the 15 swimming enemies kills, msg me on xbox live.
GT: ARK Nocturnus
Posted by ARK Nocturnus on 20 Dec 17 at 14:52
SmashsoulFinally unlocked this a couple of hours ago. The swimming kills were a nightmare, but as others have said Albion is definitely the way to go to try and get this as easily as possible.

I found lurking around the shores around B and C flags worked well and always tried to position myself in anticipation of enemies moving from other flags. Wait for the enemies to be fully in the water too before opening fire, I had a good few kills that didn’t register as them swimming because I killed them way too early. My weapon of choice was the Fedorov Avtomat for this particular assignment.
Posted by Smashsoul on 20 Dec 17 at 22:47
Proeliatoris JI agree that Empire's Edge is easily the best for boat captures. In fact several of the games I joined, there were boats on both sides taking turns to capture and then move away and allow the others to take it, and so on.

Albion is also the easiest way to get the swimming kills, honestly quicker than Fao. Just try to sit somewhere not too obvious, and if you are in a bush or tree that works better and try to resist the temptation to kill anyone who passes unless they are in the water as it will draw attention to you. And then just be patient, I was getting 3-6 swimming kills a round, so not too bad.
Posted by Proeliatoris J on 20 Dec 17 at 23:26
YUMA RED DEATHThe only one giving me trouble (like many of you) is the swimming kills. The rest of them I can work on while just playing the game normally, but for swimming kills I feel like I have to camp or only focus on that.

If anyone wants to boost and just get it over with, I'll be playing today and this weekend. Send me a message and we'll knock it out quick. GT: YUMA RED DEATH
Posted by YUMA RED DEATH on 22 Dec 17 at 16:03
MERC DDSDoes anyone have the weapons unlocked and willing to drop them for me?
Posted by MERC DDS on 26 Dec 17 at 19:07
DabbAfter about 4 hours of grinding with a friend on Albion and Fao Fortress, I've unlocked the Naval Cutless.

If anyone here wants any of the weapons dropped, hit me up online and I'd be happy to help you out.

Gamertag @Dabb
Posted by Dabb on 27 Dec 17 at 17:40
Snook410Thanks Rogernater! clap
Posted by Snook410 on 30 Dec 17 at 23:59
XSniperNinjaXHi please can some help with these also Naval Cutlass
Perform 15 kills on swimming enemies
Also can some please drop me the weapon ?

please send me message to my GT
Posted by XSniperNinjaX on 31 Dec 17 at 16:36
ArthurSenpaiSe tiver algum brasileiro que precise de ajuda, tenho todas as armas das DLC's liberadas, com exceção do Cutelo Naval. Nesse preciso de ajuda pra desbloquear. Só me ADD: ArthurSenpai
Posted by ArthurSenpai on 07 Jan 18 at 19:31
Arkinvader99Just a quick note on the Scout Multi-kills:
I found that an easier method was to in Conquest, spawn in a tank as a Scout when a Behemoth was flying around. In the Tank shoot the main command area where everyone basically spawns in and you will rack up kills. I got three Multi-Kills in the matter of 30 seconds. Much easier than on a Boat trying to shoot other boats or hoping to get it with K Bullets.
Posted by Arkinvader99 on 09 Jan 18 at 18:00
Stevo6483Can you even drop the cutlass for others to share as it's a melee weapon? Regardless, it's definitely the most difficult to unlock.

Got the boat captures though - Empires Edge is best as both teams seemed to be taking turns capturing E so I managed 8 caps in one round. A, B, G are good in FAO Fortress and C and F in Albion.
Posted by Stevo6483 on 11 Jan 18 at 23:34
Homunculus FuryReally struggling with kills on swimmers no one seems to be playing Albion
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 13 Jan 18 at 06:41
FeistySnowmanFinally done, those Swimming kills were very annoying. Best place I found for anyone still trying is on the rocks to the side of B on Albion, lie there and you've got a good view of people swimming to and from C
Posted by FeistySnowman on 17 Jan 18 at 20:47
Homunculus FuryI played in the boat on albion and fao fortress boat and scout.
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 17 Jan 18 at 23:30
Elite1111111111Just to nitpick, you say you play on Argonne and use the Dreadnought. The general term is Behemoth. The Dreadnought is the boat behemoth. Good all-round guide, though!
Posted by Elite1111111111 on 18 Jan 18 at 17:05
A 2rue BooferElite, thanks for the catch! Glad you found the guide useful.
Posted by A 2rue Boofer on 18 Jan 18 at 19:46
RagingMonkieeIf anybody wants to boost 'Filled The Stockpile' 'Rough Seas' and 'Naval Weapons Collection' or has guns that they can trade for this achievement, I would be very grateful

~ I'm currently looking at boosting the following:

1. Rough Seas Achievement ~ (Roadkill via boat).
2. Perform 15 kills on swimming enemies.
3. Destroy 2 airplanes with LMGs (Not sure how this can be boosted).
4. Destroy 1 vehicle with K-Bullets.

I haven't tried these yet during normal gameplay, and have a fair few more to go for the cheevo, but figure that there are enough people requesting a boost for these in particular that they aren't going to be the easiest of swims!!

Feel free to add me on Xbox! :D - @RagingMonkiee
Posted by RagingMonkiee on 24 Jan 18 at 21:53
DarkSunLegendis this harder now with the new Turning Tides melee weapon?? they added it today with the new update. you need to use Infiltrator class to unlock a melee weapon.
Posted by DarkSunLegend on 02 Feb 18 at 05:30
Homunculus FuryI wouldn't think so as the parameters for unlocking the sword were already set.
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 02 Feb 18 at 13:59
DilliniumIf anyone still needs flag captures while in a boat, play on the north sea map Heligoland Bight. Every flag has the ability to be captured while in a boat.
Posted by Dillinium on 03 Feb 18 at 04:08
hunterIVIf anyone can share the Naval Cutlass with me, I can provide any other weapon for this achievement.
Posted by hunterIV on 09 Feb 18 at 06:06
Vikingo360Naval Cutlass: This is quite easy with the new maps, luckily I left this for last.

Capture 20 flags while in a boat
HELIGOLAND BIGHT all flags, ZEEBRUGGE flags C and D.

Perform 15 kills on swimming enemies
With Torpedo Boats keep destroying L-Class Destroyers, enemies jumps from it before blowing up however a few die in the water.
Posted by Vikingo360 on 10 Feb 18 at 23:36
PrimeBigTimeAll flags on Heligoland Bight can be captured while in a boat
Posted by PrimeBigTime on 10 Mar 18 at 18:36
CursedI rented a server and am going for my last few weapons. Message me if you wanna play
Posted by Cursed on 15 Mar 18 at 00:39
Rknb117For the multikills, go as a scout and spawn in a torpedo boat on heligoland bight, then blow up the l class destroyers.
For swimming enemies, also heligoland
Posted by Rknb117 on 18 Mar 18 at 16:25
South Park TFBWFinally got the Naval Cutlass legit, here’s my strategy-
Play Fao Fotress in OPERATIONS. (You can select it through server browser or play Oil Of Empires in the Operations menu) The first 2 capture points are literally divided by water so enemies are going to be constantly running in and out of the water. You could also get it on the second set of capture points but the first set is the best. I usually got about 2-3 a round. Still a royal pain in the ass but much, much easier than getting it in Conquest.
Posted by South Park TFBW on 22 Mar 18 at 05:03
thatNoseyParkerActually had a lot of fun going for naval cutless legit, plenty of boat combat on zeebruge and heligoland bight. Whenever I defeated a boat (Torpedoes or front gunner) I’d get a multikill and at least one swimming kill - I imagine because they bail right before I destroy it, but they’re caught in the blast.
Similarly, you can get boat flag captures on Zeebruge and Heligoland Bight, points C/D on the former, and all points on the latter. However, I would strongly recommend sticking to D/E/F as they are usually easy to capture, whilst the other 3 tend to be covered by more defenders, a behemoth, and the damn fortress gun.
Posted by thatNoseyParker on 23 Mar 18 at 01:50
DistantSoldier1Killing 15 swimming enemies is a pain in the ass, even on maps like Fao Fortress and Albion. I either

-Get sniped before I can get in a good position to kill people
-Got shot out of nowhere while trying to look for swimming enemies
-Miss my shots, causing me to lose the chance of getting a swimming kill, and also get targeted by enemies

I played for 2.5 hours last night and only managed a single kill. Anyone have any tips for me, like what weapon they used, best areas on the map to kill ppl etc?
Posted by DistantSoldier1 on 11 Apr 18 at 20:28
JSP The Great 1@DistantSOldier1 i got it easily at Albion. Between point B and D. There is a bridge connecting the islands. Just stay under the bridge waiting for enemies to swim. Got it in under an hour today.
Posted by JSP The Great 1 on 17 Apr 18 at 02:53
DistantSoldier1@JSP The Great 1
I know about that area, the problem is that Albion is a very rare map to play on, because almost no one uses it in server browser and it is hard to get doing quick match. I have been scraping by using the maps Fao Fortress and Rupture. I have 13/15 swimming kills, but it's still a pain. If I am lucky enough to play on Albion I will certainly go to that area
Posted by DistantSoldier1 on 22 Apr 18 at 21:28
Death DealersI have all the weapons from every DLC unlocked if anyone needs help boosting.
Posted by Death Dealers on 22 Apr 18 at 23:15
GamingByJGI only need the Naval Cutlass kill and then I’m done. Help me out.
Posted by GamingByJG on 24 Apr 18 at 03:56
GamingByJGWill someone please help me with the Naval Cutlass kill. Only 1 I need.
Posted by GamingByJG on 24 Apr 18 at 04:05
xGoIdieThe Naval Cutlass has to be the biggest pain in the ass to unlock. I've managed to do it after a day of gameplay. Best maps for the flags are without a doubt Fao Fortress and Empire's Edge.

For kills on the swimming guys, I personally preferred playing on Rupture and Heligoland. Rupture has one main bridge which is usually a deathtrap so you'll find a few people swimming to get to the otherside of the map. Heligoland is quite different as people will usually bail out of their boats at flag D to capture within the rocks which are a great camouflage as you blend right in. The weapon I used is the Martini Henry for one shotting people. If it doesn't deal a one hit kill, it's very easy to just whip the pistol out to finish them off.
Posted by xGoIdie on 02 May 18 at 23:31
kyleturner6Is anyone willing to help me get the kill with the naval cutlass and arisaka? Only 2 I need left on multiplayer and am willing to help you in return or whatever you want in return
Posted by kyleturner6 on 14 May 18 at 00:18
kyleturner6Is anyone willing to help me get the kill with the naval cutlass and arisaka? Only 2 I need left on multiplayer and am willing to help you in return or whatever you want in return
Posted by kyleturner6 on 14 May 18 at 00:49
kyleturner6Is anyone willing to help me get the kill with the naval cutlass and arisaka? Only 2 I need left on multiplayer and am willing to help you in return or whatever you want in return
Posted by kyleturner6 on 14 May 18 at 00:55
CBrip31I don't think AT Rocket gun tactic works anymore
Posted by CBrip31 on 13 Jun 18 at 07:14
ll BLAIR llCan someone please share the Naval Cutlass ?
Posted by ll BLAIR ll on 22 Aug 18 at 02:13
SiguardiusHi guys! Just a quick tip if you need to kill swimming enemies. Play conquest on Helgoland and stay around B. There is plenty of boat fighting going on out there and you can pick off swimmers trying to get to the ship by either laying down heavy fire into the water from the deck or lurking in the water with a pistol. It took me 4 games to get this assignment done.
Posted by Siguardius on 06 Dec 18 at 15:26
TrevorDaddySolution for destroying 5 boats with AT rocket gun. Rent a server for a day, turn off the pre-game lobby so you can load right in alone, then set map to Cape Helles, Conquest. From there, bring one of the landing craft boats to the beach, switch teams, destroy, switch teams, bring a landing craft to beach again, repeat. Do this five times.

This is easier than trying to find a game where you can kill boats, but costs $1.99 to rent the server for a day.
Posted by TrevorDaddy on 11 Mar 19 at 01:19
Trodarkdeouf RJi found the map called "Heligoland Bay" better. All the point can be captured while in a boat. I made it without boost session and get 3-5 flag per games. Sometimes there is some swimmer. Good luck
Posted by Trodarkdeouf RJ on 11 Apr 20 at 03:07
LovableWharf96I have a server (1 Day) up and running. Let me know fast if anyone wants to boost any weapons achievements.
Posted by LovableWharf96 on 14 Apr 20 at 08:54
WTG x RoCK STaRYes please I do indeed.
Posted by WTG x RoCK STaR on 16 Apr 20 at 00:33
HumidTube35Naval Cutlass is definitely the hardest to unlock. I recommend Fao Fortress especially on Operations to get the swim kills.
Posted by HumidTube35 on 13 May 20 at 13:31
MrRevenantNeed to boost Naval Cutlass. Help?
Posted by MrRevenant on 18 Nov 20 at 15:47
WTG x RoCK STaRSure I can.
Posted by WTG x RoCK STaR on 19 Nov 20 at 20:55
Eric FiltroI am only missing the swimmer kills too. Hit me up if you want to boost.
Posted by Eric Filtro on 22 Nov 20 at 01:14
MrRevenantEric Filtro I’ve already sent you a message a couple of days ago on Xbox but you didn’t answer me. I’m just five achievements away from 100%. Whenever you want anyway, I need to boost too.
Posted by MrRevenant on 22 Nov 20 at 07:00
xMANDAL0RIANxAnyone want to group up and help finish these up?
Posted by xMANDAL0RIANx on 23 Dec 20 at 15:43
tjw CENA2000"Destroy 5 boats with the AT Rocket Gun
(Note: progress can be gained by destroying empty boats, an enemy does not have to be in it to get progress)"

This has not been working for me with the torpeado boats
Posted by tjw CENA2000 on 12 Feb 21 at 02:46
SasoriDonna10Have all weapons, will help for broken bottle
Posted by SasoriDonna10 on 29 May 21 at 17:01
Ellesar212Mastercheeks I have most of the “filled the stockpile” weapons unlocked, I need the broken bottle, GT. Ellesar212
Posted by Ellesar212 on 14 Jul 21 at 20:40
BoltingRooneyIf anyone has the following please message me: Naval Cutlass, Maschinenpistole M1912, Type 38 Arisaka Infantry. I have every other gun so can do trades if needed!
Posted by BoltingRooney on 18 Jul 21 at 17:01
PurpleYoshiXxI have the maschinenpistole m1912 and the type 38 arisaka infantry but dont have naval cutlass
Posted by PurpleYoshiXx on 21 Jul 21 at 14:07
Poat540down to swap some weapons for these - Poat540
Posted by Poat540 on 14 Nov 21 at 19:41
Executioner1996Does anyone have the M1927 MG Telescopic, Type 38 Arisaka Infantry, and Naval Cutlass. Can help back with other achievements.
GT: Executioner1996
Posted by Executioner1996 on 29 Nov 21 at 02:22