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Halo: Reach achievements

Halo: Reach

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There are a maximum of 69 Halo: Reach achievements (49 without DLC) worth 3,110 (1,700)

286,649 tracked gamers have this game, 18,772 have completed it (6.55%)

Banshees, Fast and Low in Halo: Reach

Banshees, Fast and Low36 (25)

Hijack a Banshee during the Reach Campaign.

  • Unlocked by 138,367 tracked gamers (48% - TA Ratio = 1.43) 287,090  
406,312 (217,255)
Achievement won on 15 Sep 10
TA Score for this game: 3,110
Posted on 15 September 10 at 14:20, Edited on 08 October 10 at 16:19
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You can get this achievement easily on the mission 'Exodus'.


Load up Rally Point Bravo (on at least normal difficulty) and you should be waiting for the evac falcons. Wait for them to land and then kill one marine on the ground and one sitting inside one of the falcons. The marines will become hostile and start shooting at you.

Go near the falcon and you should see a prompt on screen which says 'press X to board enemy falcon'.

Press X and the achievement should unlock.

I don't really know why this works, I guess its probably because the achievement just unlocks when you board a flying enemy vehicle and a banshee is supposed to be the only one.

If you want to do it on co-op try killing a couple of the marines when the falcon lands until they become hostile (red dots on your map). Then just walk around the falcons and the prompt to board enemy falcon should appear. I can't confirm that it always works on co-op because I have never tried.

Credit to MrBigShade for the video.
VortecK1ng It does work in coop, i had a friend get it when i was playing with him in coop... delete solution...
Posted by VortecK1ng on 15 Sep 10 at 19:49
Spectrix I would also add that you can just kill the marines in the Falcon, you don't need to kill one next to you. I went around to the right, killed the gunner and both guys inside and then boarded and achievement popped. Good solution!
Posted by Spectrix on 15 Sep 10 at 23:21
NinjaNathh nice solution :), worked perfectly for me
Posted by NinjaNathh on 15 Sep 10 at 23:35
Xerostomia Good job. I kept on shooting a marine and one of the chopper people in the chooper I am supposed to board, and it would not work. However the other chopper which is full, after shooting the gunner and one of the marines the 'press x to board enemy falcon' appeared and it worked.
Posted by Xerostomia on 16 Sep 10 at 01:42
asedt This is so lol, glitch achievement :P
Posted by asedt on 16 Sep 10 at 02:41
Enigma Shadow 7 Man that was a lot easier than the first solution. Great info.
Posted by Enigma Shadow 7 on 16 Sep 10 at 14:25
SallyNasty Worked great! Took a few tries, but what I did was go to the chopper that was full (2 on gun 2 in the seat) shot the two in the seat (not on turrets!) then hit x as soon as I could. I died immediately after boarding, but the achievement popped:)
Posted by SallyNasty on 17 Sep 10 at 12:15
NURSEwithWOUND Worked perfectly. Nice find
Posted by NURSEwithWOUND on 17 Sep 10 at 14:06
Big Zimm I found this only works if you sit in the seat with out a mounted machine gun. So you need to kill one of the marines sitting with his back to the pilot to get his seat.
Posted by Big Zimm on 17 Sep 10 at 18:14
phatal1ty EDIT: I was wrong it does work....HOWEVER!! You only have to kill one of the guys in the backseat!. DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT kill the gunner or the option will not come up to board the enemy Falcon. I hope this saves ppl some frustration.
Posted by phatal1ty on 18 Sep 10 at 00:49
smurphster i picked the full one too, wound up killing everyone and then the falcon started moving around to get away from me or something, then i was able to board it. didn't work for my first few tries, just keep trying.
Posted by smurphster on 18 Sep 10 at 04:50
Matzaklr I tried this like 100 times different ways, settings, seats, who I shot and everything and could not get this to work. Looks like I will have to do this the hard way.
Posted by Matzaklr on 18 Sep 10 at 04:56
Sashamorning Matzaklr, I had a hard time too. Sally summed it up perfectly. Go to the LEFT chopper, kill ONLY the two in the BACK (not on the turrets) and it will show "Press X to board enemy Falcon." Board, get killed and tossed off, click.
Posted by Sashamorning on 18 Sep 10 at 09:34
FAiLSEED I second Sashamorning, who is seconding Sally, which is PERFECT! I did exact same and had no prob. I killed the guy closer to the rest of the marines first, then walked around to the outer side (using the falcon as cover from the marines) and finished off the second guy and got the correct prompt, and had plenty of time to hit the button before dieing.
Posted by FAiLSEED on 18 Sep 10 at 12:39
TonyTwoSteaks Hey jesticulator! looks like your solution was recovered so I will be deleting mine as it has the same info and less votes. Also, if you want to include a video link, here is the one i was using in my solution: . cheers giving u thumbs up
Posted by TonyTwoSteaks on 08 Oct 10 at 15:41
Jesticulator Yeah thats fine MrBigShade. I will credit you for the video.
Posted by Jesticulator on 08 Oct 10 at 16:18
TonyTwoSteaks it's all good you can just credit the creator of the video :) i'm taking mine down now..
Posted by TonyTwoSteaks on 08 Oct 10 at 17:04
TonyTwoSteaks actually i like seeing my name there heh.. take it easy
Posted by TonyTwoSteaks on 08 Oct 10 at 17:05
elSmitmyster Worked like a charm on first attempt - thanks for the excellent solution.
Posted by elSmitmyster on 24 Oct 10 at 22:55
Granthor47 yes worked fine thanks
Posted by Granthor47 on 31 Oct 10 at 07:29
toddycst This solution works the best!
Posted by toddycst on 05 Nov 10 at 12:04
x DukeZ x works
Posted by x DukeZ x on 10 Dec 10 at 19:55
Supert3d Excellent, thanks!
Posted by Supert3d on 12 Jan 11 at 21:01
izret102 Works in co-op. My brother already had it but i just got it in co-op with him.
Posted by izret102 on 12 Jan 11 at 23:19
FunRic o shay sooo easy thank it on the first try. ( probably got lucky) cheevo's a cheevo right.
Posted by FunRic o shay on 03 Aug 11 at 16:21
KingRodedog Used & approved!
Posted by KingRodedog on 10 Aug 11 at 22:35
zxLYTExz lol nice. worked great
Posted by zxLYTExz on 23 Dec 11 at 17:25
Dan vasNormandy Thumbs up from me.
Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 28 Dec 11 at 17:57
RedemtionOWNAGE Wow nice find!!!!
Posted by RedemtionOWNAGE on 19 Jun 12 at 09:58
mistress3riple works perfectly. thx
Posted by mistress3riple on 20 Aug 12 at 11:38
KingBroly Wow. Thanks. Worked like a charm.
Posted by KingBroly on 01 Nov 12 at 21:00
anthonyd46 still works as of nov 9 12
Posted by anthonyd46 on 09 Nov 12 at 18:49
x SWISSchris x What SallyNasty said is exactly right and was how I got the achievement: go to the chopper that was full (2 on gun 2 in the seat) shot the two in the seat (not on turrets!) then hit x as soon as I could.
Posted by x SWISSchris x on 26 Nov 12 at 19:53
stevezep19 Wow that was amazing. Thanks man! I like it when it's easy!
Posted by stevezep19 on 02 Feb 13 at 04:42
Evil Kenivl Worked perfectly! Thank you!
Posted by Evil Kenivl on 22 May 13 at 19:54
greenman31 Worked , thanks.
Posted by greenman31 on 30 May 13 at 09:40
Grizboy28 Still works as of June 2014! smile
Posted by Grizboy28 on 19 Jun 14 at 03:48
Panzerdrako7 private video?
Posted by Panzerdrako7 on 01 Oct 14 at 10:44
LizardKingv666 Still works on the left Banshee.
Posted by LizardKingv666 on 15 Oct 15 at 07:53
xSTAGGERxLEEx still works
Posted by xSTAGGERxLEEx on 24 Apr 16 at 16:11
biglincoln76 Still works
Posted by biglincoln76 on 11 Jan 17 at 04:22
Arn226 Jenk Just tried it and it worked like a charm. Killed the two non gunner marines in the left bird.
Posted by Arn226 Jenk on 12 Nov 17 at 00:48
LordSuprachris Thanks a lot, it worked like a charm :D
Posted by LordSuprachris on 12 Jan at 18:30