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'Nuff Said

Witness the 100% LEGO Stud Fountain

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sheepkeeper4sheepkeeper4239,865 239,865 GamerScore
18 Dec 2017
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Once you have reached 100% head back to the Avengers Mansion, head to the back where you read the comic's. There will now be a switch to pull that starts off the fountain. Once the balloons finish the coins start raining down and the achievement should pop
Whicho17Does this require all vehicles? I ask because one challenge won’t pop because of the terminals even though I have hit all 18.
Posted by Whicho17 on 14 Jan 18 at 05:16
WicelowYep, a list of everything required to 100% the game would be great.
Posted by Wicelow on 14 Jan 18 at 21:22
Seraph MetatronI hit all of the terminals but one of them didn’t change the counter. I went back and activated it again and it gave me the 18/18. For the record my Hala is what didn’t trigger the first time. I still haven’t finished all the challenges, but wanted to at least comment on the map points.
Posted by Seraph Metatron on 01 Feb 18 at 23:02
Mayhem64Yes you need all characters and all vehicles. Most of the vehicles come from the challenges, and was the last thing I needed.
Posted by Mayhem64 on 02 Jul 18 at 12:06