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SPECACT Engineer Elite0
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21 Dec 2017 15 Jun 2019
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Boosting method. Works for all four SPECACT-related achievements. You can choose to double-box this, do this with one other person, or with two other people. With the status of this game’s multiplayer, you can now often find certain game modes to be vacant.

Game Mode: Squad Rush
Map: Port Valdez
Hardcore Mode: Yes

Using this map allows for the defender (person getting killed) to continuously spawn in the same location. I tested a few other maps and this is the only one I noticed to allow that. You’ll be using Squad Rush because it’s the quickest game mode and has the smallest map boundaries. Enabling Hardcore ensures your chances of being bothered by randoms is extremely little to none.

Whoever’s doing the killing will want to launch the game (be the first person in the match). The others can then join. As the attacker run to M-COM A and find where the defender has spawned. There are three separate spawn-points as far as I’m aware. Then just repeatedly kill the defender with the required gun. If you’re double-boxing or only have one other partner, you’ll have to wait approximately 15 seconds for them to respawn. If you have two other people, the third will be a Medic and resuscitate the downed player each time.

When you run out of ammo, either commit suicide or have someone throw down an ammo box. Using this method will get you the 400 SPECACT kills in no time. You’ll also meet the other two requirements for getting 5 kills without dying and 8 in a match naturally.

Hope this helps. Good luck and happy hunting!