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Mythical Creature

Ascend a troop to Mythic rarity

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Dead Metal IXDead Metal IX11,926
23 Dec 2017
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You can get this by Ascending any troop to any level if you already have a mythic troop.

I packed a mythic on my second day playing (lucky I know) and merely ascended a common to rare and the achievement popped. If you're lucky enough to be in the same boat then this achievement will be a piece of cake toast
SonOfBeckettCan confirm that I accidentally unlocked this achievement today for this reason. I had previously unlocked Skadi, a mythic fey, via chest.

I am now farming souls towards Xathenos and ascended a Banshee from rare to ultra rare to farm souls slightly faster and BING, achievement unlocked.
Posted by SonOfBeckett on 12 Jan 18 at 13:35
Corwin613I had this happen for me as well
Posted by Corwin613 on 17 Dec 19 at 03:22