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The Escapist!

Successfully escape from all six prisons.

The Escapist!-0.8
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26 Dec 2017
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The other guides for this achievement are absolutely spot on and helped me to no end, but i know sometimes its easier to follow a video guide and the first four by TheSuicideFox are in my opinion, without a doubt the best because his attempts are speedruns, so it was easy to follow and you know you would be going down the fastest route.

Now for 5 and 6, thesuicidefox didnt put any videos up but this video by shambles11 helped me massively so big shout out to him for the vid. (Note, this level will require lots of digging so yes, will be boring)

now for 6, HMP Irongate, my first attempt at beating up guards and moulding keys worked... horribly, but i came across this absolutely beaut of a way to finish it, now this will require getting quite a few more parts and possible reloading if inmates dont have what your looking for, but i found this to be the easiest and less stressful way of finishing it, again big shout out to Gamer Pauly for this vid!

And hopefully those excellent video guides would have aided you in someway to getting this achievement, it helped me massive so hats off to you guys!

Good luck!
Moscow TimmyI used the video for prisons 4 and 6. Way better than all the other solutions on TA. What Pauly fails to mention in Prison 6 is you have to use duct tape on the camera in your cell to get into the air ducts.
Posted by Moscow Timmy on 29 Jul 18 at 03:32