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You Go Ahead, I'll Be Fine

Win 3 matches of King of the Hill (not Custom)

You Go Ahead, I'll Be Fine0
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09 Feb 2009
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King of the Hill is related to annex somewhat. You have to enter the ring that will spawn near a weapon on the map. The point it is at is random. But unlike annex, the location does not change during the round. It will be at the same spot no matter if you get all 120 points out of it at once, or in several tries.

Once you capture the ring for your team, someone on your team MUST stay in the ring, or else it will revert back to neutral. Also, while your team is in possession of the ring, your team-mates will not respawn until you lose possession, giving King of the Hill a big distinction from Annex.
mattclarkieI'll add that trying to get a game of KotH from the Annex/KotH playlist is almost impossible, people practically always choose Annex. The best way I found was to play the Flashback Player's Choice Playlist, generally when KotH is an option it is against Guardian and people generally choose KotH.
Posted by mattclarkie on 13 May 09 at 20:30
TigerUKI came on here to type the same thing as mattclarkie.
I'd imagine it's an easy achievement to get, but I need to be able to get into a game of it first!
Everyone always picks Annex instead. And I wouldn't mind that so much if once in a while it gave me a flashback or combustable map to maybe go towards the annex achievement, rather than River, Blood Drive or Security EVERY TIME.
Posted by TigerUK on 02 Jun 09 at 10:10
LeiChatnew playlists are up, there's some specific ones for map packs now including one called "Annex Achievement", hopefully that'll help us get KotH games finally. ;)
Posted by LeiChat on 24 Aug 09 at 09:15
Solario32Yea, people are usually choosing Annex due to how hard it is to get that achievement.
Posted by Solario32 on 18 Sep 11 at 01:27
PirS92Is it ok in LOCAL matches?
Posted by PirS92 on 15 Sep 15 at 17:14
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Posted by Coffee 282 on 02 Feb 19 at 21:48
PirS92@ Coffee 282 i already got this achievement but i have other stuff to boost
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Posted by PirS92 on 27 Feb 19 at 06:29