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Splice of Life

Unlock a new plant type through grafting.

Splice of Life-0.3
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Sodzs ツSodzs ツ71,859
02 Jan 2018 08 Jan 2018
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Once you hit level 5+ Gardening, Simply grow two plants (buy seeds off the internet and plant them into pots/plots) then select one and click Take Cutting, then go to the other and select Graft. Then voila, achievement unlocked, the new plant doesn't even need to fully grow.
Apparently you can do this with just one plant, I don't know if this works but feel free to give it a go!
ThanagarGrafting doesn't unlock until Gardening level 5.
Posted by Thanagar on 02 Jan 18 at 04:51
Sodzs ツThanks I'll add that in now :)
Posted by Sodzs ツ on 02 Jan 18 at 11:08
Super TweakAnother Note:

It appears you can do this with the same plant, (ie take a clipping from a plant and graft it to the same plant). I did this with my plantain tree and it worked
Posted by Super Tweak on 03 Jan 18 at 14:15
destinee ehgcOkay what am I doing wrong? I have followed these instructions 12 times now and haven't got this. I have been trying to make the dragonfruit at the same time and everytime it says "strawberry and snapdragon" NOT "dragonfruit". I assume the two problems are related. Can someone please help me sort this?
Posted by destinee ehgc on 24 Jan 18 at 07:46