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Startup Upstart

Have a Sim reach max level in the Tech Guru career.

Startup Upstart-0.3
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03 Jan 2018
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In the career menu, select join a career and join the Tech Guru career.
Follow the daily tasks shown in the career tab and improve work performance to get promoted.
Be promoted enough times and get to where it says (10) after the job title when you hover over the job overview in the career tab.

This achievement works with maxing either Tech Guru branch (you do not need to max both).
sjeemoneAnyone else having problems unlocking this? I completed both sides of the branch, no achievement cry

Edit: Found solution in forum. Make a new household (I did 8 sims for other achievement) and after moving in house achievement for tech guru unlocked.
Posted by sjeemone on 06 Mar 18 at 17:47