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Minor Manager

Manage a minor league game from beginning to end.

Minor Manager0
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go to the calender in season mode, tab over to the minor league schedule and click on a day with a minor league game, then on the list of games it will say play game on your teams game, click this and click manage. then it will take about 10-20 min to go the 9 innings and win. congrats achievement unlocked
Tasty PastryYou don't have to win, as your solution kind of implies. Besides that, very helpful. Just mash the A button and you'll get through it.
On a side note, where have you been dreamweaver? haven't seen you in the chat in forever.
Thumbs upped.
Posted by Tasty Pastry on 21 Jan 10 at 18:56
Matty to tha GAlso, it's good to know that when you are in the game you can hit auto play and the game will play itself out, you won't have to mash A the whole time :-)
Posted by Matty to tha G on 18 Jun 12 at 20:27
acedawg4Also as a side note, if you dont know much about baseball, the minor leagues is the AAA. Thumbs up to tasty and matty with good tips that should be included in the solution.
Posted by acedawg4 on 09 Jun 14 at 20:33