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2 cities connected

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25 Jan 2018
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This will naturally come playing your very first game (I did it in the campaign tutorial):

hit cn_RT to open the construction menu and build one or two train stations (in two different cities) if don't have them already in place on your map
hit cn_RT again and choose to create a line, then simply connect the 2 stations by hitting the green cue point.
confirm hitting cn_Y (and pay)

Friggin GreaseDamn just came here to right this one out and there it is. First achievement you should pop in the game
Posted by Friggin Grease on 31 Jan 18 at 05:39
Friggin GreaseAs a side question... when filling out these achievement explanations how do you get the image of the Xbox Controller buttons to show up?
Posted by Friggin Grease on 31 Jan 18 at 23:16