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#Forzathon Incentivised Success

Win an Online Race to receive 100,000 CR

02 Feb 2018 until 09 Feb 2018

#Forzathon Incentivised Success
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02 Feb 2018
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Drag Strip counts, pick a nice fast C-class car.
GrawlNLIn case anyone needs a good class C car for this, I used a 1974 Toyota Celica GT that was tuned for Blizzard Mountain. I didn't just win, I came in 10 seconds ahead of the second player.
Posted by GrawlNL on 02 Feb 18 at 15:17
D3LTAhow do you get it so the C-class cars get a head start? Rather than all cars starting at once.
Posted by D3LTA on 02 Feb 18 at 23:19
The Last FlightThe best C-class car is actually the 1949 Mercury Coupe. The V12 engine swap makes the car so OP; you're nearly at the end by the time higher class cars like S2 Dodge Darts get to even move.
Posted by The Last Flight on 04 Feb 18 at 13:16