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#Forzathon The Bleeding Edge

Perform 5 air skills to win 35,000 XP

02 Feb 2018 until 09 Feb 2018

#Forzathon The Bleeding Edge
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Nautius MaximusNautius Maximus156,217
03 Feb 2018
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Only "Air" skills count here, nothing with "Great" or "Awesome" or "Ultimate" modifiers. One easy way to get it quickly is to use a fast car with low center of gravity... Lamborghini Centenarino comes to mind because of default 4WD, but if you don't have it, any will do.. or ultimately just about any car will do, slower ones may just take a bit longer.

Anyway, just start driving back and forth, offroad across the northern outback at max speed. You should get Air skills pretty regularly and knock this out quickly because of the small bumps and imperfections in the brush.
Beegus DeekusPretty easy instructions to follow. I'm not sure why so many trolls decided to downrate this solution, especially without any comments to explain themselves. No accounting for idiots I guess. Maybe you should have numbered the steps to do an air skill.
Posted by Beegus Deekus on 21 Apr 18 at 17:44