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Bring it on!

Finish a Special Stage using tyres that aren't adapted to the road surface.

Bring it on!+0.3
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Ridge ReapersRidge Reapers7,907
12 Feb 2018
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Once you start your WRC-2 series in career, you will have the option to configure your car and change your tires based on the road surface. My first track that I raced was a 90% gravel and 10% tarmac race so just change your tires to 'tarmac' and complete the race with those tires. Achievement will unlock after the race is over. You can also earn this achievement through Quick Stage. Choose the Rallye Monte Carlo: Entrevaux-Rovain stage that is tarmac and tab over and choose 'car configuration' and change your tires to 'snow and ice'. Complete the race and achievement will unlock.