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Hard to the Core

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Hard to the Core-0.7
6 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Missable - These achievements can be missed.Time/Date - These achievements require you to play the game or perform actions at certain times, within a time limit, or on specific dates.
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13 Feb 2018
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Hey guys, this isn't so much a solution as an addition to any of the great solutions already posted. Rather than bury this information in the comments of one of said solutions, I figured I would post it as a solution in hopes more people might see it. If you feel this warrants a downvote, I completely understand.

If anyone is having trouble keeping under the time limit, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out a speedrun of the game. The world record is about 40min at this point and some of the exploits they utilize are very simple to do and save a TON of time. Obviously there are some I wouldn't recommend trying as they are very high risk with little reward. However, adding even a few of these methods to your run would not only help you shave some time off, but I find it lets me be a little more careful while crossing those damn pipes/rafters to ensure I don't blow my run.

Here is a Reddit post that includes a few good skips you can use:

And here is a speedrun I watched that help me visualize some of those skips:

I take no credit for any of this information, I simply found it very helpful and hope it helps some other people get this b*tch of an achievement.

Happy Gaming People!
YaziteThanks for the reddit link. Those tricks helped me beat it in 52 minutes with little risk. I decided to not do some of the risky skips because they seemed very inconsistent (mainly the ones where you slide under the chefs)
Posted by Yazite on 05 May 18 at 09:57