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Build three wings on a house

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14 Feb 2018 06 Mar 2018
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Copy/paste from the Skyrim Solution, credits go to King FiShiz.

First you need to Build the Small House, then finish the Main Hall. For the Architect Achievement you need then to build three wings at your house. You can chose Armory, Kitchen, Library, Alchemy, Storage, Trophy Room or a Greenroom.

For a complete house (Small House + Main Hall + 3x Wings) you ~ need
158x Quarried Stone
129x Sawn Log
48x Iron Ingot (181x Nails, 16x Hinge, 11x Iron Fittings and 11x Lock)
26x Clay
11x Corundum Ingot (11x Lock)

You can mine Quarried Stone and Clay around your house. Also your Steward sells that. Sawn Log can be also bought from a Mill. For Corundum and Iron Ingot just visit a Blacksmith, wait 48h and buy again.

Happy Building :D
SuperSnackhaasIt's 3 wings, 1 north, 1 west and 1 east. It's YOUR steward at the house, not Falkreath. And corrected the "mail hall".
Posted by SuperSnackhaas on 06 Mar 18 at 19:07
ThrowingManx600Completed but not unlocking HELP
Posted by ThrowingManx600 on 29 Apr 18 at 15:30