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Reach the end.

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15 Feb 2018
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This is the achievement for finishing the final segment of the game after you’ve activated all the lasers. I used this video by PS4Trophies for help as this final segment is pretty challenging at times.

Be warned that you should not complete the final steps for this achievement if you’re planning on attempting the Challenge for the achievement. Unlocking the Endgame achievement resets the world and you’ll have to start over in order to attempt the challenge.
Dale BaldwinYou actually can get this achievement and do the challenge achievement after. Just don't select 'Start a new game' at the end of this sequence. Instead, quit the game and load it up again. You'll start back in the cage, and can revert the steps to get back out. You can then go do the challenge achievement or explore the world.
Posted by Dale Baldwin on 04 Apr 18 at 01:28
Sweet RvngTo add what Dale said, you can select "Load A Game" if you do hit "Start A New Game" (like me) and not have to restart. I just had two heart attacks reading those comments lol.
Posted by Sweet Rvng on 16 Apr 18 at 04:31
Posted by Crinkyy on 25 Aug 18 at 00:04