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Trouble In Sherwood Forest (Legendary)

Complete The King On Legendary Difficulty

Trouble In Sherwood Forest (Legendary)0
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16 Feb 2018 16 Feb 2018
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An easy way I found to defeat the dual wielding swordsmen is to just shield bash them repeatedly by tapping cn_Y until you get the chance to execute them. They only block this sometimes and if you manage to get them up against a wall it is even more effective. If you are fighting two of them just focus on one of them and shield bash, and just counter the other when they go to attack (cn_A), then return to shield bashing.

The way I defeated Boudica was almost the same. Shield bash her once, then heavy shield bash her (hold cn_Y) 4 times. She will deflect the last bash, roll away when she does (cn_B) then immediately shield bash her again, even if she is attacking this should stagger her so you don't get hurt. Then heavy shield bash 4 more times, roll back, repeat.

CasperTCAwesome Rayven, got her trapped in the corner like in your vid!
Posted by CasperTC on 18 Feb 18 at 14:42
RayvenMorriganaGlad to hear it, Casper!clap
Posted by RayvenMorrigana on 18 Feb 18 at 15:47
WiizKiinThanks for the guide, I didn’t watch the video, your words were enough
Posted by WiizKiin on 21 Jul 18 at 19:02
RayvenMorriganaGreat, glad I could help!
Posted by RayvenMorrigana on 21 Jul 18 at 19:14