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The Hunger

Kill a victim by knocking over a fridge onto them.

The Hunger0
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16 Feb 2018
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You will get this on the eighth scene of the third movie, Slayaway Camp 2.5. Move right to the girl in pink, she will then run into a fridge, knocking it over and killing a victim.
WolfWood37No matter how many times I do this level, the achievement won't unlock.
Posted by WolfWood37 on 02 Jun 20 at 03:21
Creepsho88Not unlocking for me, either. Thought it might unlock after the level was complete, but nope.
Posted by Creepsho88 on 03 Nov 20 at 20:22
Creepsho88It did eventually unlock for me.
Posted by Creepsho88 on 03 Nov 20 at 20:51