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Destroy 5 airplanes while in the Behemoth Airship L30

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20 Feb 2018 20 Feb 2018
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Play the game type Air Assault on the map London Calling and spawn in the Airship. Shoot 5 planes out of the air, simple as that. As of the writing of this guide, planes that destroy themselves by ramming into the Airship count as kills with the Airship. I was able to rack up 22 kills, half of which were planes ramming themselves into the airship and dying. The game mode on this map is two rounds so each side has a chance to spawn in the airship.
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Idenic Definately right about the planes ramming the ship. I joined for about a minute, and I only had to shoot one plane down.
Posted by Idenic on 20 Feb 18 at 18:25
Big Killa C Planes ramming the airship does not appear to count for me. Who knows. Glad it worked for someone!
Posted by Big Killa C on 21 Feb 18 at 00:20
Big Killa C I would like to add that using the anti-aircraft gun is far superior to the machine gun. Positions 2 and 3 on the airship if you look at the little icon on the bottom middle of the screen.
Posted by Big Killa C on 21 Feb 18 at 00:24
Big Killa C Not trying to hijack your comment section. I believe that airplanes ramming the airship do count as long as you inflict damage on the plane first. Or at least that was what I was experiencing. As soon as I said it wasn't working for me I got a ton of kills that way. Use the flack gun. +1 from me by the way. smile
Posted by Big Killa C on 21 Feb 18 at 00:33
Arador Right so I joined a game, spawned in the Airship and it gave me 6 kills without me doing anything, wtf? Anyone had this happen?
Posted by Arador on 21 Feb 18 at 05:13
igmgordon I was on a machine gun getting tons of assists on planes but only 1 kill. Towards the end of the game I started firing at the enemy airships just to help do damage as it was close, as I was doing damage to the airship 10+ enemy kills showed up in under 1 min. I have no idea how I was killing them.
Posted by igmgordon on 21 Feb 18 at 07:26
Croagunky Bizarre achievement, i joined late but finished top of the leaderboards with 20 kills 1 death. I swear i only shot about 2-3 planes...
Posted by Croagunky on 21 Feb 18 at 10:35
Homunculus Fury Is it 5 in a round?
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 21 Feb 18 at 17:10
Wicked Jei It seems that enemies ramming into the airship dont count if you're in the machine gun, but they do if you're in the antiair.
Posted by Wicked Jei on 21 Feb 18 at 17:51
Arron114 You have to inflict majority damage or it counts as an assist.
Posted by Arron114 on 21 Feb 18 at 19:43
ZippyAdam +1
Posted by ZippyAdam on 22 Feb 18 at 20:36
TH3FLYINGK0R3AN Anyone struggling to get this to progress?

So I had definitely hit the requirement for this. Ended up popping when I went to compare achievements with a buddy to see what he needed help with. roll
Posted by TH3FLYINGK0R3AN on 15 Mar 18 at 17:42
Scotty x360a Just throwing my experience in, i got 2 kills towards this by planes hitting the airship and dying. I had not inflicted any damage to them but was in the AA gun. The previous time i was on the machine gun and never got anything from any planes hitting the airship.

So it seems you need to be in the AA gun for the kills to count when you're rammed.
Posted by Scotty x360a on 23 Mar 18 at 15:58
John Caboose I killed many planes but ended up unlocking it from comparing my BF1 achievements with a friend in the dashboard. Thanks TH3FLYINGK0R3AN for sharing your tip/story.
Posted by John Caboose on 29 Sep 18 at 17:06
DaDJOreo This might be a little late, but can anyone help me boost, no one plays this anymore.
Posted by DaDJOreo on 05 Jan at 02:27
Willy K Olho Estou disposto a tentar caso alguém queira.
Posted by Willy K Olho on 02 Feb at 11:01
FlukeMoogly You can do this on a rented server with one other person. Shoot them and have them fly into the Airship. If you don't want to rent a server than search for operation maps that give the Airship to the attackers when they fail to capture points. You will usually be in competition with 4 other gunners in shooting down the airplanes so make every bullet count. Generally, a lot of good players hop into the airplanes so it is pretty tough to shoot them down.
Posted by FlukeMoogly on 23 Feb at 19:37