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Wind Up Merchant

Complete the unique multiplayer escape.

Wind Up Merchant-0.2
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23 Feb 2018
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To do this you will need to have both a red key card and a cyan key card , teeth, string and handkerchief

Start off going to the two player door half way down on the right hand side of the prison to get the enclosure key from the desk and head roughly to the bottom left corner of the prison where you see the elephant and other animals and unlock the gate

After that you need the red key card and take the ladder to the roof ( located next to the food hall ) and retrieve the teeth from the desk locked behind the door

Once you have the teeth you need to make the wind up mouse (int 70) with the handkerchief, string and teeth, once you have done that get the cyan key card and head to the left side of the enclosure gate you unlocked through the cyan door and use mouse on elephant and you’ve escaped :)