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It’s A Long Shot

Complete the unique single player escape.

It’s A Long Shot-0.6
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23 Feb 2018
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For this one you need int 60 and keep a eye out for 2 springs, wood, coconut, crowbar, hammer and tape

For this escape we are using the cannon on the right hand side of the prison, when you find the crowbar just go use it on the cannon when no one around and that will fix it, next you need the 2 springs and log to build a launcher, once built go use that on the cannon as well, last not least you need to make a helmet to escape so this is were you need to have the coconut tape and hammer to craft it and once you have that done use it on the cannon and that’s it you have escaped
Faustus PHDThank you for the solution! Just a note for those having trouble finding the 2 springs. One is always in the desk in the car to the left of the magician in the North. You can reach it easily by going up the ladder in the car on the right, then walking left two cars and descending that ladder.
I found the second spring in the middle desk on the second floor of the big top tent. I don't believe this one is guaranteed to be there, so I kept starting a new game and checking this desk, restarting if it wasn't there. I could not find it anywhere else.
Posted by Faustus PHD on 16 Sep 18 at 21:23