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I'm Losing You

I'll be out of reach for a while.

I'm Losing You+1.7
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24 Feb 2018 24 Feb 2018
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There are a total of collectible "messages in a bottle" located throughout The Residence DLC. They are also referred to as "flotsam" in the game. You cannot chapter select within the DLC, so you must restart the entire DLC if you miss one. Upon collecting all 5, you will unlock the achievement.

1 - Near the beginning, you'll drop down on some books and enter a hallway. As you go to the right, there will be a room in the background (walk away from the screen). In the second room here, get on the desk, climb the bookcase and grab the collectible.
2 - On the top floor, in the right hand side area, you'll solve the puzzle with the paintings, walk to the next room, all the way to the right and find a secret room. The collectible is in here.
3 - After using the new flashlight mechanic, and getting the key to unlock the left door on the top floor, you'll enter and walk towards the screen to get this collectible.
4 - Not long after #3, you'll have to turn a crank to open the next area. In the next room, jump on the piano and walk back and forth on the piano keys until the painting on the wall moves revealing the next collectible.
5 - After delivering all the statue pieces as the main objective, the door will open. You'll have to run ALL the way to the right hand side, finding the collectible near the front of the screen.

Also make sure to grab the Ashes to Ashes achievement during your playthrough which is missable.
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