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aaaand safe!

String together the following: wallrun, jump, coil (over obstacle), skill roll

aaaand safe!0
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11 Feb 2009
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This should help.
PizzerzThanks, it helped a ton. :D
Posted by Pizzerz on 20 Aug 10 at 20:32
OnzaThis solutions (video) assumes you have playground two open, which I don't (yet).
Posted by Onza on 08 Feb 11 at 20:40
Rhl0bhyou are actually bitching about not having playground two open... wow
Posted by Rhl0bh on 15 Feb 11 at 17:59
doc2084Completly agree w/ Dryden. Is this the only spot in the game to try this at? Why are there 3 more exact same tip spot?
Posted by doc2084 on 05 Nov 11 at 00:50
Doctor B SamsonJust to point out that Playground 1 and 2 are actually the same scenario, just with different checkpoints. You can play playground 1 and just follow the video to get the right way and reach that point.
Posted by Doctor B Samson on 07 Aug 12 at 07:24
TrainHeartXIIIThanks Rahul1309 it will help a lot!
Posted by TrainHeartXIII on 17 Mar 14 at 13:38
P33MannI dont have the DLC, can i do this somewhere in the story?
Posted by P33Mann on 29 Sep 16 at 00:24