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No Compromise

Frank Rising - Complete Frank Rising with the best ending on Blackest Friday difficulty.

No Compromise-0.3
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02 Mar 2018
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Short & Sweet Solution

Alright. First off, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS ON YOUR FIRST RUN. I do not believe it possible, since you are limited for time. You are given 1.5 hours of real time to complete the entire campaign, AND do all of the princess wasp challenges.

NOTE: Doing the princess wasp challenges increase your characters powers, so doing as many of them before you do the missions makes it a little easier. Also, the collectibles and other trials rank up your character as well, and these are permanent.

So - use your first run on normal to work on collectibles and practise for your Friday Run.

When you leave the first safe house, go left and complete the first challenge. Easy. Then jump over the truck and complete the next. THen run and complete the next.

Now, remember IF YOU DIE you are sent back to the last check point. And honestly, you need all the time you have.

Now to be clear - you have 1.5 hours to get to the lab. Once you are in the lab, the timer stops. So don't worry. Outside you will have 1 fight, followed by 3 fights. There is a check point after the 1, but if you die at any of the 3 solider fights outside, you are put back at the start of the 3 fights - so go after the larger one at the front games first.

JUMP TO DISARM from afar all the super soldiers. They will kill you with ONE HIT.

After the 3 fights outside, you get a checkpoint before moving on inside. 1 more fight at the front door, and another down stairs. YOU MUST FIGHT THESE to trigger a cinematic to enter the final chamber.

Good luck. Time is not on your side here!
Silicon IcemanExcellent tip about using the jumping disarm ability on all the super soilders. Definitely made it a lot easier. I would like to add that it was easier for me to jump disarm the closest guard then dodge backwards after the animation to give myself some more room and time to jump disarm the next guard in line. You could jump disarm from guard to guard in succession, but it's risky, especially if you disarm one in the middle of a large group with firearms. You would have to feed on a guard almost immediately after. My priority was guards with guns since I couldn't outrun bullets (but you can easily outmaneuver the slow guards). After getting rid of all the guns and most weapons, it was easy just walking back while spitting at them (or feeding off the regular soldiers). DO NOT try to melee any soldier in an exo suit- even if he is disarmed. I learned this the hard way after thinking I could just punch him to death after stunning him with a howl. Always use the jump disarm attack on exosuit soldiers, then back up to a safe distance and continually spit on them. You can howl, stun them, then spit or jump disarm again, but just make sure you keep your distance.

Honestly, a couple of the princess wasp challenges gave me the biggest problem. The one where you have to beat the soldier (commander) in old town is tough because by the time it's first available, you are still pretty weak (and don't even have the howl move yet). My advice would be to do some other challenges around the area to boost your stats, then go back to that one if you continue to struggle with it. The last princess wasp challenge is also a pain in the ass because of the strict time limit. Make sure you trigger a checkpoint as close as you can to these hard challenges so that you don't waste too much time if you have to restart.
Posted by Silicon Iceman on 12 Mar 18 at 19:23
ThaDevilzHandYou actually have plenty of time to do this if you start with all the collectible upgrades and use the tips listed for fighting humans in the solution and comment left by Silicon Iceman. I made it to the lab where it gets rid of the timer with about 40 minutes left, died maybe two or three times. I'm not sure if I did the time trick properly so those deaths may have affected my time as well.
Posted by ThaDevilzHand on 10 Sep 19 at 00:11
TheSIowMoLiterally had 3 minutes left on the timer when I made it to the final mission in the lab. The two survivors on the roof we’re annoying asf but once you’re able to YB twice it makes it a little bit easier. (I suggest doing the challenge that gives you that ability first before doing it) I attempted it without that ability and wasted about 10 minutes and it almost screwed me. But thankfully I was able to finish this on my first run. (I was fully upgraded on my health and everything of course).
Posted by TheSIowMo on 31 Jul at 07:56