Dead Rising 4 Review by Kanchanaburi

06 Mar 2018
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Dead Rising 4 – A Completionist’s Review

When I first heard about Dead Rising 4, I was very excited. I am a fan of the series and have completed all the Dead Rising games, including the 2 smaller games. And I especially loved Dead Rising 3. But when this game was first released, there were many problems with it. ‘Too easy’. ‘Lack of a countdown clock’. ‘And even an unobtainable’. Things weren’t looking good. Therefore, when I bought the game weeks after release, I tossed it in the old backlog. I must say, I am thankful I waited to play this game because the finished version (late 2017-early 2018) is a good overall game.

A Bit About: Dead Rising 4 is a crazy action game with elements of an RPG returning Frank West to the centre stage to fight a new horde of zombies. Although it was released with game breaking glitches, unobtainable achievements, and several other problems, when I played and completed the game in 2017 – 2018, I never experienced any of these problems. Since its release, the game has been patched, fixed and even updated with 2 title updates with one of them adding 2 more difficulties with their own achievement lists. And a year after release, the developers released another title update ‘Capcom Heroes’ which allows player to replay the main campaign with a few odd additives and achievements.

Achievements: The achievements in Dead Rising 4 are much easier than the previous installments. While the game does have on trial for killing 250,000 zombies which is connected to a few achievements, the trial is cumulative between all your playthroughs. Base game progress for all achievements is cumulative which makes all the Kill X with Y achievements less stressful since you can replay cases to work on achievements after completing the campaign. You will probably be grinding your 250K longer after completing the rest of the list.

Game Play: Controls are pretty basic, especially when you compare it to previous Dead Rising games. Combat, use of materials, creating combo weapons have been simplified, making game play easier overall. As well, the game is enhanced making it look very pretty with decently quick loading times. While most of the world is open, over all loading times are good. And the survivors finally know how to survive! As if they haven’t had enough experience running from zombies.

Story: I really enjoyed the story this time around. I think the main reason is that they added a second lead and included some very entertaining cut scenes with well done voice overs which told the story quite well. They also make tie ins to previous Dead Rising games which helps strengthen the lore of the franchise. I also found it remarkable that I didn't get lost in side quests and collectibles and loose track of the main story. There were always reminders threaded through the game to keep you immersed within the story line.

Collectibles: I love it when a game makes collectibles entertaining and worth the effort. That is what Dead Rising 4 does – the player gains valuable experience to level up your character each time you pick up a collectible. And to make things better, you can purchase maps in game which show the collectibles locations. To top it off, most collectibles can be collected at any point (assuming you have advanced far enough). NOTE: there is one collectible that can only be obtained in the prologue.

Multiplayer: The MP is up to 4 player Coop. While occasionally the servers were dead, most of the time when I searched for open games, I found one quite quickly. I really enjoyed the coop portion of the game. There are 4 maps elevating in difficulty, unlocking as you advance through the MP game mode. The MP has it own set of achievements and trials. While character progress is not interchangeable between MP and SP, rewards and combo weapon blue prints, some which are unique, can be used in both modes once obtained making it worthwhile playing the MP.

Final Thoughts: I feel that Dead Rising 4 is a good game. Is it great? No. But it is now much better than when it was first released. While most reviews review the game upon release, I believe the Dead Rising 4 of today is a worthy installment into the franchise. And for those people who want a stress run with a timer, the DLC Frank Rising will be enjoyable for you since it returns the timer.

Game Played: Nov 2017
Completed: Feb 2018
Approximate Hours to completion: 80-90 hours
Played on: Xbox X Enhanced on Disc