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08 Mar 2018 17 Mar 2018
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The previous solution is definitely a great way to boost the kW, but I found that I had plenty of money from selling off items that were piling up and was able to pay for kW of power from the fisherman on the west side of Old Lestallum once you go down the stairs. I didn't see it mentioned on here anywhere but I can confirm the achievement popped for me after purchasing power from him. 222000 gill trades for 500k kW of power and 45000 gill for 100kW of power. Not sure if this was added in the recent title update but maybe it will help reduce the grinding for some people.

***I would like to add to my solution that this maybe unnecessary for completionists because by the time you played enough to get a level 99 chocobo and all the sigils you likely will have earned enough power anyway but it is an option if you find yourself coming up short***
SnipedByAGir1This is so awesome! Saved me hours of farming. Now I guess I just need to farm levels to finish off the new DLC. One thing to note too. If you get the store discount as a food from one of the quests, he'll sell the power for less as well. I was able to buy 500kW for 36,000 gil.
Posted by SnipedByAGir1 on 08 Mar 18 at 18:37
DarkeyedGrieverWhy on earth would anyone down vote this? This is a massive time saver.
Posted by DarkeyedGriever on 16 Mar 18 at 11:16
Burn The JediLIFE SAVER!! Thank you!
Posted by Burn The Jedi on 24 Mar 18 at 22:29
New ParalyzerHad no idea he was there. Thank you!
Posted by New Paralyzer on 12 Nov 18 at 08:17
Deadsh0tGGSince I cannot vote on this (I have the game on PS4), I want to say thank you for sharing this fantastic tip. You saved me from some frustrating grind. toast
Posted by Deadsh0tGG on 13 Nov 18 at 00:14
Cro11Made my life so much easier...thank you.
Posted by Cro11 on 15 Nov 18 at 17:44
ikilledbeckaDefinitely an upvote on my part.
Posted by ikilledbecka on 17 Nov 18 at 10:38
Fuzzy Bear HugsThis was perfect. I finished all the other achievements and hadn't unlocked this. This method saved me tons of time. Thanks!
Posted by Fuzzy Bear Hugs on 18 Nov 18 at 06:55
Leo AscendentLast achievement I needed. 100% the board, bought 100K (so I had 135k unused kw) and unlocked it.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 19 Nov 18 at 09:13
JCDRANZERYou should say it's 500,000 KW for 220,000 gil. I bought 300,000 KW for 144,000 Gil and got the achievement.
Posted by JCDRANZER on 19 Nov 18 at 15:00
KimitchiiYou have my thanks good sir.
Posted by Kimitchii on 05 Dec 18 at 23:26
Majk1993CZ100% works! Thanks for saving my time :)
Posted by Majk1993CZ on 08 Dec 18 at 10:56
DizyneOMG, if this is true the achievement will be much shorter of a grind, thank you thank you
Posted by Dizyne on 09 Dec 18 at 05:41