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Beam Me Up

Teleport over 100 meters from a single throw of an Ender Pearl

Beam Me Up-0.3
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09 Mar 2018 10 Mar 2018
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This achievement is no longer bugged!

A simple way to ensure you meet the 100 meters from a single toss is to build a large tower. I always build a tower that goes to maximum height (with a small pool at the base for some fun jumps).

Basically just get to the top of the world and aim out in any direction and throw the Ender Pearl as far as you can.

Make sure you don't aim too high or too low, or you won't travel as far as you need to. Try to give it a good lob to get the most distance you can.

When you land, if you traveled far enough, the achievement should unlock!
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XxXGhostOfOnyx FINALLY! I figured someone would post when this achievement would be fixed. I am done with this game now clap
Posted by XxXGhostOfOnyx on 12 Mar 18 at 19:25
Silver Salvo Confirmed, it was fixed with the latest patch.
Posted by Silver Salvo on 16 Mar 18 at 16:20
GoGoActionTeam What I did was to use scaffolding to get from the top of a mountain until I got to the world top...that way I got the achievement for doing that and this one in a single go.
Posted by GoGoActionTeam on 30 Jul 19 at 04:55