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Itsy-Bitsy Spider

Win 10 Spider games.

Itsy-Bitsy Spider0
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19 Mar 2018
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I went for this as of 19th March 2018. When picking the spider puzzle you now have the option of choosing an easy puzzle that is guaranteed to be solvable. I chose this and then kept selecting hint all of the way through. Its a grind but it got me the achievement!
eNaRGeBloody crazy, I select "Play Solvable" and so far, of 5 games I've played, I've only won one! I'm using Hints for every move, it's pissing me off, I spend 10 minutes just to have to start over. Grrrrr. Thanks for the advice, I'll just keep trying I guess.
Posted by eNaRGe on 21 Mar 18 at 07:37