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Now Bring Me That Horizon

Each new pirate greets the world with anchor raised and sails unfurled!

Now Bring Me That Horizon0
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19 Mar 2018
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Now Bring Me That Horizon Achievement

This one is a weird one. I had this achievement pop for me when I was roughly 2 hours into the game, but it is basically earned by setting sail for the first time so once you've done that and this doesn't unlock, don't panic as it will be unlocking quite soon.
WestinatorXIt was the same for me, however my achievement popped when I sailed a Gallion for the first time. I had been sailing solo for a couple hours and then matchmake and joined a crew and that's when it popped for me.
Posted by WestinatorX on 20 Mar 18 at 12:05
LavindatharStill nothing after hours,
Posted by Lavindathar on 22 Mar 18 at 15:59
CERBERUS S550200k Meters traveled and not one achievement has popped for me
Posted by CERBERUS S550 on 25 Mar 18 at 07:17
XeontomHad the game about 4 Years now and still not had it. I was part of the Closes alpha
Posted by Xeontom yesterday at 20:39