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Dead Pirates DO Tell Tales

All on the Ferry are sister and brother. Send forth a message to someone or other!

Dead Pirates DO Tell Tales0
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Daryl MapleDaryl Maple824,135
19 Mar 2018 20 Mar 2018
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In Sea of Thieves there is a place you go to called the Ferry of the Damned when you die. This is a waiting area until the game reloads you back into the server. Once you are on this boat you must communicate with another player using the pirate commands. Press cn_up or cn_down and then chose any command with cn_RSc and press cn_A

Obviously if you are playing with someone that you are communicating with you can synchronise a death and both spawn on the Ferry at the same time. Or you can just get lucky and spawn on the Ferry with someone that has died on your server at roughly the same time.

Someone else must be present for you to get the achievement.
Zero JehutyI got it when doing the Down on the D pad.
Posted by Zero Jehuty on 20 Mar 18 at 08:25
Daryl MapleI used Up on the D-pad but it’s great to know that both work. I’ll add it to the solution.
Posted by Daryl Maple on 20 Mar 18 at 11:24
FourthLionDid both and neither worked for me, at least 2 other people on the boat. Not sure if it's just due to the server issues.
Posted by FourthLion on 21 Mar 18 at 10:45
Daryl MapleI think there are a few server issues at the moment. Try again at a later time or hopefully it pops later. I know for a fact that
Sea of ThievesFull BillowThe Full Billow achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 6 pointsAll sails with the wind, what time it saves when speeding across the ocean's waves!
is glitchy at the moment. Have done this multiple times and still nothing.
Posted by Daryl Maple on 21 Mar 18 at 10:55
iViluxHow do I get this on PC? Doesn't seem to work with Z.
Posted by iVilux on 04 Apr 18 at 11:57
Danny DreamsThis is still not working for me. I tried it yesteday. April 3rd
Posted by Danny Dreams on 04 Apr 18 at 14:48
Daryl MapleSo unfortunately the game still seams to be buggy when it comes to achievements. I personally am waiting for 3-4 achievements to unlock and redoing the requirements does nothing.

There is a discussion about this going on here
achievements unlocking?

As for the PC controls it would be the Pirate Chat key which by quickly google searching is G. Unfortunately i cant test this out to confirm. Zero Jehuty has said that the emote button works as well which would be Z on a PC. So if neither are working then all we can do is wait and hopefully they sort this mess out. They have stated that if you have achieved the requirements they will retroactively pop once sorted.
Posted by Daryl Maple on 04 Apr 18 at 15:17
KripesJust popped for me, died and waited on the ferry for a while playing my accordion. Wailed, clanked chains and danced at a couple pirates as they passed through and after a few minutes more it came through.
Posted by Kripes on 05 Apr 18 at 12:02
NeM2KI did a few Pirate Chats like "How did you get here?", "I got eaten by a shark" etc when I was the only player dead and it popped a few mins later.
Posted by NeM2K on 09 Apr 18 at 13:26
Fez40This one was a bit slow for me, maybe 30 seconds after the other player left.
Posted by Fez40 on 16 Nov 18 at 02:57