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Win a match of Memory Mode

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23 Mar 2018
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Easiest and fastest method to unlock ALL of the combo memory achievements, but requires 2 controllers

* Select Custom Tournament from the main menu

* Choose:
Players: 2
Bots: 0
Combo Style: MEMORY

* Press cn_X to go to the advanced options menu

* Choose:
Lives 2
Combo Limits Triggers Only
Allow Repeat Buttons NO
Wrong Button Penalty 0
Memory Start Length 10
Memory Countdown Time 10

* Press cn_B to go back from the advanced menu, then cn_A to go to the character select screen

* If you only have one profile saved in game, press cn_Y to create a new one for player 2. Call it DUMMY.

* Start the game. When the game begins, it'll start showing you button presses in the centre of the screen. All you have to do is remember which trigger (cn_LT or cn_RT) comes first in the combo, as they will always alternate with our custom settings.

* When the dots appear above your character's head, simply alternate trigger presses starting with the first one of the sequence. As soon as you've finished the combo, pick up controller #2 and do the same. The round will end in a draw, assuming you don't make any mistakes or run out of time to switch pads and enter the combo again. If you do make a mistake, don't worry - you get ONE extra life, and the combo continues on from the point you'd reached, it doesn't reset back to ten.

* Following this solution, you'll unlock ALL of the Memory Mode achievements in one round.

NOTE: You don't need to have two Xbox profiles, just two controllers and two in game profiles.

When you've hit a combo of 20, either screw up on purpose with the DUMMY player, or let the 10 seconds run down until you win the match.