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As a squad or solo, complete a Tower IV Exterminate with only headshots

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23 Mar 2018
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what a way to complicate yourself with this super easy achievement ... alone and the first time ... you enter you shoot a man in the head ... you flee and you look for lasers ... they go to do the dirty work ... 15 minutes and pop 150 G ... no special mods ... no special warframes ... no weird tactics ... oh yes ... and no need to be with someone ...
LV 1 Blue SlimeWorked for me, just got this one.
Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 27 Mar 18 at 07:33
IRISH PSYCHO UKI ran out of time
Posted by IRISH PSYCHO UK on 08 Jun 18 at 12:15
InugamiTheHoundwhat mission do you need to play this to get this achievement?
Posted by InugamiTheHound on 28 Oct 18 at 04:06
Patmaster1891Oxomoco in the Void. It's the only mission were it is possible.
Posted by Patmaster1891 on 28 Oct 18 at 09:43
Anyone nowadaysThanks. This still works.

Just watch out for Eximus units, since their area attacks can destroy the laser plates.
Posted by Anyone nowadays on 03 Oct 19 at 14:39
AradorIssue is you have to find these lasers and hope the enemy doesn't blow em up, I've attempted this 7 times so far
Posted by Arador on 19 Oct 19 at 02:27