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Home Run

You are clearly good with a bat.

Home Run0
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24 Mar 2018
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Chapter: Preparation - Reunion

Upon reaching the trailer park, you should notice some guys playing baseball. You'll want to have one of the players start batting and the other to start pitching. You'll need to hit a "home run" which should register around 180 points. Just aim for the middle of the screen and work on your timing. The characters will mention a home run if you had enough distance and the achievement will unlock for the batter. Switch places for the other person to grab their achievement.

This achievement can be seen in the video guide at 10:02:

NOTE: Achievements are only available to owners of the game. Players using the "Free Trial" friend pass will NOT unlock achievements.
WilliamRSPOAI needed to hit over 180 for it to count
Posted by WilliamRSPOA on 15 Dec 19 at 05:44
Lord Noob SybotWhen we did it he got his achievement at 179
Posted by Lord Noob Sybot on 15 Jan at 00:24