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Break From Reality

You played a videogame with a friend.

Break From Reality0
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24 Mar 2018
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Chapter: Vengeance - Lift Off

Upon reaching the hangar, you'll notice an arcade machine in the back. Once both character interact with it at the same time, a game will start and the achievement will unlock.

This achievement can be seen in the video guide at 15:12:

NOTE: Achievements are only available to owners of the game. Players using the "Free Trial" friend pass will NOT unlock achievements.
ScubaSte3veAny idea why this wouldnt be unlocking. Did this with a friend and no luck...any suggestions?
Posted by ScubaSte3ve on 02 Apr 18 at 04:18
II Anthony57 IISame for me... My friend unlocked the achievement but not me (I played as leo).
Posted by II Anthony57 II on 08 Apr 18 at 13:40
Funky MonkeeI've had a lot of trouble with achievements unlocking in this game. Played the whole thing locally and even had occasions where the second player with a dummy account I made would get an achievement that I personally did the task for (e.g the dips) and I didn't get it. Just have to keep trying.
Posted by Funky Monkee on 08 Apr 18 at 19:17