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Extra Crafty

Craft 25 recipes (Campaign only).

Extra Crafty0
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27 Mar 2018
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To get this achievement you need to "craft" 25 items. To get to the crafting menu hold cn_LB to open your weapon-wheel and press cn_RB to go to the utility-wheel. From here everything you craft counts toward the achievement.
You can also craft bombs in the bottom part of your weapon-wheel, this will also count towards the achievement.

While I was scavaging places I got a lot of Liquor, which you can use to craft 'Liquor'. Once you have made ten liquors, drink them all and you can craft them again. The best places to get items to use for crafting are outposts.
Apache117XSimple, should be obtainable fairly early on, just gather resources and craft away!
Posted by Apache117X on 05 Apr 18 at 19:20