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The Last Laugh

Complete Chapter 6 of Episode 5

The Last Laugh0
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28 Mar 2018
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You get this after the credits and seeing all your decisions for Episode 5
MrIcyDeathso is it just me that never got this? ill try beating the whole game again since its short, but this is buggy.
Posted by MrIcyDeath on 28 Mar 18 at 22:39
DeliriousDrewI though I had missed it but after credits it popped
Posted by DeliriousDrew on 29 Mar 18 at 01:52
neeker75Chapter 4 pops after your final talking sequence with Tiffany.
Chapter 5 pops after you end the final talking sequence with Alfred.
Chapter 6 pops after the credits.

It seems like the achievements are all popping at all the wrong places for this episode. I'd expect Chapter 4's achievement ("Fractured") to pop after the "boss fight" during which Bruce did have to fracture his thumb to escape the handcuff, plus metaphorically speaking his relationship with John comes to a fractured end.

I'm fine with the final achievement popping after the credits though since it's called "The Last Laugh", and fits the post credits scene perfectly.
Posted by neeker75 on 29 Mar 18 at 06:54
DeliriousDrewMy playthrough didnt involve escaping handcuffs. Did you have a vigilante Joker or more of the classic evil Joker?
Posted by DeliriousDrew on 30 Mar 18 at 04:24
neeker75Mine was Villain Joker. I got to know eventually that both laths played very differently so that explains.
Posted by neeker75 on 30 Mar 18 at 05:40
FloriDUH JBotDidn't pop for me ...

I tried re-rolling the credits for Episode 5 from the Extras menu. About halfway through the re-roll of the credits, it finally popped.

Must be bugged. Completion % for all other Episode 5 achievements is around 54%, but only 12% for this one.
Posted by FloriDUH JBot on 30 Mar 18 at 16:27
MrIcyDeathSo replayed the episode for a second time (watching credits from extras didnt work). after the credits scene it finally unlocked.

So i was just unlucky the first time because the choices screen didnt work and backed me out to main menu without seeing the final scene.
Posted by MrIcyDeath on 01 Apr 18 at 03:09
NaturallyWackyPopped after rerolling credits, but chapter 5 of episode 5 isn't popping...

Edit: Just popped after closing the game down.
Posted by NaturallyWacky on 06 Mar 20 at 00:56
Mike HumphreysDitto. Still glitchy...
Posted by Mike Humphreys on 16 Mar 20 at 23:46
xTankShotNo unlocks. Stopped at 840GS. Chapter 3 of act 5 or act 3 of chapter 5?. Anyways no "solution" works atm. At least for me.
Posted by xTankShot on 17 Mar 20 at 18:05
DeliriousDrewll xTankShot ll are you being effected by the networks achievement glitch perhaps?
Posted by DeliriousDrew on 18 Mar 20 at 00:39
xTankShotI thought so myself. But division unlocked an achievement for me and forza horizon 4 did also without any issues. I tried 3x by now. And i try again with a completely new save file and see if this works out :)
Posted by xTankShot on 18 Mar 20 at 14:08
DeliriousDrewFingers Crossed
Posted by DeliriousDrew on 18 Mar 20 at 17:41
xTankShotWorked :) I replayed the last episode again and everything was fine.😊
Posted by xTankShot on 19 Mar 20 at 12:30
MadaCan confirm. You have to watch/play the post-credits scene to get this to pop. And if you quit before that, you have to replay the entirety of Episode Five.
Posted by Mada on 27 May 20 at 11:19
Posted on 16 Jul 20 at 13:25
And if you quit before that, you have to replay the entirety of Episode Five.
Seriously? I quit as the post-credits scene started (I've been getting one achievement per day for the microsoft rewards bonus, so I've been saving them). That's super annoying.
Posted by Wyyvern on 31 Oct 20 at 23:26